Meet our latest Digital Nomad – this graduate is using his TEFL certificate to see the world and get paid!

Cody Delaney completed his Costa Rica TEFL course in 2014 and has taught face-to-face classes in Colombia,  Kaplan University in Seattle, a school in rural China, and Dokkyo University in Tokyo.

He recounts his time with us, “Costa Rica TEFL doesn’t just teach a communicative approach, it models it! The activities and approaches I learned there gave me a strong foundation as a teacher and showed me how to make the classroom both fun and effective.”

After three years of amazing classroom and travel experiences, Cody exchanged conventional teaching for online teaching, becoming a Digital Nomad with the freedom to travel the world. He now teaches online, which he can do from anywhere there is WIFI.  Cody is currently settled in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico.

With a set of headphones and a dependable internet connection, Cody teaches from the arid city of Guadalajara. He explains, “I work for a company called VIPKID. This year, they were ranked as the best company to work online for by Forbes. It’s a great job! I teach one-on-one lessons to Chinese students over the internet. The students range from four to fourteen years old and they have a wide range of skill levels. I teach intermediate and advanced. I work as much or as little as I want and I get paid higher than wages possible in Latin America!”

Teaching English online has afforded Cody the freedom to go wherever he may please–and he’s not about to give it up anytime soon.

“I plan to continue working for VIPkid which allows me to work from any location that I can get WiFi in!” If you want more information, contact me on Instagram @codyjdelaney or click here: 

(Don’t forget to use the referral code when applying:  06T0UP)

We are impressed by Cody’s spirited adventures and dedication to teaching English.  Stay tuned for more graduate stories!

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