After Costa Rica TEFL program, Barbara Rodgers, meets Costa Rican President to discuss bilingualism in Costa Rica

Why get TEFL certified?

I have always wanted to study, live, and work in another country.  It was not just any country, but somewhere in Central America.  When I visited Costa Rica for the first time three years ago, I knew that this was the place.  I also decided that Teaching English as a second language would be a great way to experience the community, give back, and earn money to live for an extended period of time.  When I looked online, I knew I wanted a TEFL program in Costa Rica on the beach and immediately found Costa Rica TEFL in Sámara.

What was your experience like during the program?

It was a simple, easy, and great decision to attend the TEFL program in Samara.  Barbara Miller, Margaret Dunn, and Lexi Dorman model what it to serve and be amazing teachers.  It is part of their everyday routine to change other people’s lives.  It has definitely changed the trajectory of my life in a powerful and positive way.

Tell us about what you’re doing and where you are now

At the moment, I volunteering for four months with the nonprofit program EVOLC/ALIARSE (English Teachers for Change) in Costa Rica.  Through this organization, I am part of the President of Costa Rica’s initiative to expand the bilingualism of Costa Rica citizens.  I am one of the first two volunteers to be a part of this expansion and was invited to Casa Presidencial Costa Rica in San Jose, CR and met Carlos Alvarado. 

See Costa Rican President, Carlos Alvarado’s,  discussion on bilingualism in Costa Rica here

Puntarenas, Costa Rica is where I am living and teaching economically disadvantaged young adults.  It is incredibly challenging and wonderful.  I am teaching seven hours for four days a week and lesson planning on the fifth.  Additionally, I am also a Yoga Teacher and have been interweaving yoga into my lesson plans. 

If you are called to travel, teach and expand your life, Costa Rica TEFL is the place and program to attend.

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