Friday Feature: A home away from home

My name is Richenda and I am African born and from the beautiful country of Namibia in Southern Africa, where the desert and the ocean meet, literally. I previously worked in the corporate world of insurance, but my desire for children and brave enthusiastic spirit lead me to try something new and out of the ordinary. I researched all possible ways to travel and do what I love, teaching. Inspired by my past travels and overall passion for traveling, I came across many different TEFL courses and first thought Prague would be a great fit because it was much closer to home. In the end, I chose Costa Rica because of Samara and its amazing beach.  It was like a home away from home. Everything about it felt right and so I hopped on a plane to Costa Rica! When I landed in Liberia, I thought, “What have I done to myself? Where am I?” Oh boy—the love I have for that little beach town! I wasn’t scared or doubtful anymore. I was welcomed by the TEFL students and the amazing TEFL team—Marissa, Julia, and Jen. I didn’t know what to expect or what the next several weeks would entail. The TEFL curriculum is so approachable and Costa Rica TEFL’s method gives you the confidence to know you can teach EFL even if you do not have any experience. You start diving into teaching right away with your own classes. You prepare lessons plans with the most supportive team right at your fingertips. The TEFL team guides you and helps you grow into the best TEFL instructor.

Both during and after my course I made friendships for life. No matter where we are in the world, we’re always connected by this experience and this culture that we all shared. After the course, I stayed in Costa Rica and worked in San Jose, and so the friendships and teaching experiences grew. After a few months I had to return home. After being home only a week, I was really lucky and fortunate to find a teaching job at a Montessori school.

Last November, I got a position at the Windhoek International School here in the Capital of Namibia. I didn’t know what to expect, and the approach was absolutely different from my TEFL experience. I took on the challenge and the experience has made me grow and develop as a teacher. The diversity of students from different countries coming together at my school has made me love my work even more. I can truly say I am a happy soul, all thanks to Costa Rica TEFL which I will always love and think of as my home away from home.


I will be here for a while and then, who knows? The world is full of possibilities now. I can go anywhere, knowing I have this large network of TEFL friends, administrators, and recruiters just an email away!

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