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Our 2013 Graduate Zachary Tucker is teaching in Somaliland!

We are so proud of our 2013 Costa Rica TEFL graduate Zachary Tucker! We’ve had graduates teach far and wide, but Zach is our first to teach in Somaliland. He is teaching at the Abaarso School of Science and Technology. Here’s what Zach has to say:

“It’s pretty awesome, there’s 15 other teachers and over 200 students at this 7-12 school that is well above any other school in the region, and even though it was just started in 2009 they have sent students all over the world for university, including Ivy League schools, Costa Rica, and as of tomorrow Harvard. It’s an English-immersion boarding school with barbed wire and armed guards (just in case), and just enough electricity, donated books, and internet to scrape by.┬áNeedless to say it’s an amazing opportunity, even if I’m busy working 50-70 hours a week teaching math, basketball, and whatever else is tossed my way. There’s no doubt my training at Costa Rica TEFL and experience in a developing country helped in my application and interview, but also has allowed me to develop and work with the students, as well as my peers.”

Additionally Zach sent us a recent New York Times article about a graduate of the school who has gone on to Harvard!

Costa Rica TEFL Graduate Zachary Tucker (top row, second from left) in Somaliland. Photo courtesy of Kenichi Nozaki via Facebook.
osta Rica TEFL Graduate Zachary Tucker (top row, second from left) in Somaliland. Photo: Kenichi Nozaki via Facebook.




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