July teacher trainers start teaching!

Hi everyone! The July CRTEFL course is in full swing and tonight is the first night the trainees are teaching. There are a mix of nerves going into this evening but I’m sure everyone is going to do a great job. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! We’ll be posting pictures from this week soon. Also, if you […]

Week four and we graduate!!!!

Time flies when you’re having fun!!! This group of TEFL’ers will have planned and taught 20 HOURS by the end of the course and completed 160 hours of training! They have really earned their TEFL certificates!! Kelly has already landed a job where one of our graduates teaches in Mal Pais and will embark on […]

Question from a TEFL graduate

  Hi Everyone, We got this question from a TEFL graduate in our inbox and we were hoping that some of you other graduates could offer up some answers: I have a 2 hour a day one-on-one, upper-intermediate, business class beginning in July… how do I make that fun?! More specifically, how can I work […]

What are they doing now? News from some of our recent grads.

Hey all! I’m now in South Korea making use of my TEFL education. I’m working for a private academy, which has been awesome. Barbara actually got me in touch with this girl, Caitlin, who got me the job. I would argue that my school is one of the best to work for in Korea, hands […]

June TEFL Trainees – Week 1 (almost) done!

Hello from Samara! Week 1 of our June TEFL course is almost done and it’s been a great one. Here at Costa Rica TEFL we like to get trainees into the classroom as soon as possible; by today they all have had invaluable experience teaching non-native speakers and everyone of them has done an incredible […]

News from CRTEFL

Hello from Samara! We are so excited for Monday and our May 30th session to begin, lot’s of great new future teachers to meet! Also, Ms. Julia Francis is back from her England-to-Jamaica-back-to-England travels! We can’t wait to hear about her trip and get her back in the classroom. Sadly we are also saying goodbye […]

Enjoy our new website!

We have updated our website to a more modern and informative site, which will allow us to keep you updated on our course changes as well as what our graduates are up to. Enjoy! Thank you for your patience as we make the switch, some of the pages are not complete as of yet.