Graduate Testimonials

Costa Rica TEFL Course Testimonials

Please read the testimonials from our former students. If you would like contact them via email for further information on their experiences with Costa  Rica TEFL, please send an inquiry to and we will put you in touch!

2017 -2018 Graduates

I highly recommend this TEFL course. I had such a great time here. I come from a finance background so was apprehensive that I would not be cut out for the teaching world. But with the help of the exceptional staff at Costa Rica TEFL I was guided in the right direction and prospered. I also enjoyed meeting the locals of Playa Samara. For me this was the best part. Getting to teach the locals allowed me to get to know them while also practicing me teaching skills. If you are having any doubts about coming here, don’t! Just do it! You won’t regret it! – Grainne Duggan – August (Ireland)

I’m now a certified TEFL teacher and can teach anywhere in the world. I’ve learned how to work with non-native speakers. I’ve learned how to structure a class and gained a lot of confidence in doing so. Thank you! – Jessie Simpson, July, (USA)

Thank you for opening my eyes and more importantly my heart to the world of teaching.  I really enjoyed it and felt like I was really in my element! –  Sarah-Anne Khoo, July (Singapore)

Costa Rica TEFL really opened my eyes to a new form of living AND learning! Learning English is way more than just grammar, grammar, grammar. It’s about having fun and playing games and getting creative! – Elky Ramirez – July (Costa Rica)
I gained a lot of experience and knowledge teaching students. I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did. I think this experience has helped me grow and broadened my horizons. I look forward to being able to use my TEFL certificate to teach anywhere in the world. -Natasha Chait – July (USA)
I really enjoyed learning about the communicative approach and I really enjoyed that the classes were highly interactive. – Stefania Cicolini – May (Italy)
Teacher trainers were amazing, location was on point, other students were so nice. Over all great learning atmosphere! – Murielle Rodrigue – May (USA)

I really enjoyed the whole vibe of the class. It was fun and engaging and the teachers were just awesome and so much fun. I  really enjoyed teaching classes and I think it was awesome that we got to teach so many classes each. – Semele Huq – April (USA)


I really loved this course! It provided the ground work for me as a teacher moving forward. Being able to use what we learned in our classes (that we taught) was awesome. I also liked how the course progressed from us co-teaching with pre-written lesson plans to us teaching on our own with lesson plans we wrote up. – Max McGuiness  – April (USA)


I consider Costa Rica TEFL to be one of the most amazing and beneficial experiences of my life. It’s been worth every cent! The Costa Rica TEFL program is not just AWESOME but their curriculum is one of the best and their staff are exceptional and professional.  The local Costa Rican people that you will be teaching right into your second week are the best! The Teacher trainers are remarkable, they really prepare you for any situation. You leave there confident and most of all well prepared. There whole program is organized and well-structured with all the resources you need to expand your career as a professional TEFL instructor! – Richenda Bok – February (Namibia, Africa)

Costa Rica TEFL was a vigorous, demanding, excellent program that far exceeded my expectations. Our program instructors were exceptional teachers, full of wonderful energy, very supportive, and lots of fun! The best part about the program was that the instructors modeled as well as taught the student centered approach to teaching.  I highly recommend this program!! And Playa Samara is a wonderful place to spend a month! Costa Rica TEFL was a very positive, worthwhile, and special experience. – Susan Corbett- January (USA)

I enjoyed learning the communicative approach through doing it ourselves. Playing the games in class was fun, and helped us to learn them so we could teach them ourselves. It was also great having to teach after we learn, so we could immediately apply the knowledge. Julia and Jen were both absolutely fantastic!! I can’t have imagined two better instructors. They made the experience so amazing and worthwhile. Julia was SO helpful in terms of the job hunt. I really appreciated the time she spent with me on my resume, cover letters, and giving me information about the school’s I was applying for. – Kristen Anderson- January (USA)

2016 Graduates

I have really enjoyed the lessons and the invaluable information that you have provided at Costa Rica TEFL. I personally feel like I have acquired so much knowledge about teaching English as a foreign language and classroom management. Your lessons have been extremely fun and interactive. I look forward to starting my new career as a language teacher! – Philip Edlin – September (UK)

” If you have ever considered Teaching English as a Foreign Language, the TEFL program here in Samara, Costa Rica is awesome and I highly suggest you DO IT! The teachers are some of the most fabulous teachers I have ever encountered, and I have encountered many teachers in my academic career. I have learned so much and had so many wonderful experiences as a student and a teacher through this program! This has been one of the best choices I have made for myself!” – Kristin Dare – March (USA)

“My experience in TEFL Costa Rica was stimulating in many different ways.  Costa Rica TEFL gives the opportunity to students to live a real teaching experience due to their teaching program, and that was one of the most amazing experiences. You learn to build your lessons from scratch, your creativity evolves, and the thrill of teaching and getting good feedback from the students is a rewarding experience if you haven’t taught before. I highly recommend Samara since it is a beach town where you can go relax at the beach between breaks.” – Beatriz Jirón – March (Costa Rica)

I enjoyed everything! The teacher trainers were so personable and the trainees were all great people. We all had a great month. I love how our classes were full of fun activities, and how we got to experience the activities that we will do with our students in the future. It was so fun to meet the locals in the classes we taught. I loved the opportunity to teach all different levels. I loved everything!! – Kelly Mack – January (USA)

The fact that we are teaching within the second day is amazing and great. while at first it sounds terrifying, jumping in headfirst is exactly what made this program awesome. you can definitely feel and see the progress as the weeks go on. Barbara and the staff have made a clear and precise methodology that clearly works and can be taught to all types of potential teachers. I loved my teacher trainers. They were incredibly personable and approachable. I never felt intimidated and they were both fountains of knowledge. Also Barbara was fantastic. Its great that such a fearless leader is so kind, funny, and knows exactly what to do for multiple situations. My confidence to teach is sky high, I understand the hard work and time it takes to actually teach, and my interpersonal skills are much stronger now. I have learned what kind of teacher I am. I have succeeded in becoming more comfortable with myself. I made so many friends in this town, and I have so many ideas about how to move forward. Thank you for providing a challenging but powerful learning environment! -Paul Morgan – January (USA)

2015 Graduates

“I can walk away knowing that I have gained important skills to continue teaching and knowing I have a support system when I leave here.”- Debora Winsor- March (USA)

“I enjoyed many aspects of the program, the staff is amazing; knowledgable, encouraging, flexible and supportive. The text is well written and very informative. The hand on activities were relatable as they were experienced in appropriate settings and relatable.” – Christine Kuritzkes – February (USA)

“I really enjoyed the people in the class, the atmosphere, and the activities. The days always went by quick and never seemed to drag. I think the people really made this course great! Students, teachers, and staff are what made it a great month!” – Kaitlyn Cherry – January (USA)

“I’ve found my creative niche! And I’ve grown to be able to view learning from multiple intelligences. I learned how to make everything I need personally and access resources so I can teach in any given situation.” -Brittni Aponte – January (USA)

“It has been a great “self discovery” experience. I would recommend this to my friends and family!” – Chris Nemeth – January (Canada)

2014 Graduates

“Thank you so much TEFL team for your hard work and dedication! It shows so clearly how much you care about us as trainees and the ESL students. Great experience!”-Ayjan Arik – November (USA)

“I am now TEFL certified! I feel comfortable teaching classes, met awesome people, and got out of my comfort zone!” – Dace Jamison – November (USA)

“Classes were very fun. Warm climate and teachers knew their stuff! Course structure was great; I learned many things I hadn’t even seen in my 4 year Bachelor Degree. Thanks for all the constant help and support!” – Cassie Sylvain-Champagne – September (Canada)

“Thank you so, so much for an awesome month of classes! I felt that I’ve learned a lot and really have benefited from this course even as someone who already holds a U.S. teaching license. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.” – Stephanie Battista – September (USA)

“Loved everything!” – Jenna Goymerac – June (USA)

“I would definitely reccommend this course. All teachers and Costa Rica TEFL staff were very kind and helpful…” – Ian Janicek – May (USA/MEXICO)

“Amazing course that really exceeded my expectations.” – Chuck Peabody – May (USA)

“Thank you all so much for this amazing experience! The course was challenging but i feel so prepared to go out and teach in this world. The Costa Rica TEFL staff has been nothing but encouraging and helpful. I’ve finally found my passion in life and I owe it all to Costa Rica TEFL!!” – Catherine Beck – April

“This is the best course I’ve ever taken and I’m so glad I chose to do it through Costa Rica TEFL. The material, the teaching experience, and the feedback were so helpful. I loved everything about it.” – Amanda Murphy – April (USA)

“I’m so happy that I got to come to Samara and do this program. My only wish is that everyone would get to experience learning how to teach English here in Samara!” – Michelle Ferrell – April (USA)

“Thank you for an amazing month! This was so much fun and cool and awesome and everything! I’m glad I came here! Thank you!”  – Tara Manion – January (USA)

“I have been so impressed by this course and Barbara, Catherine, Brookie and Bill. I think it prepares teachers well and is an extremely positive, fun, and encouraging experience. Thank you!!” – Anna Feyerherm – January (USA)

“Such an amazing experience!!” – Emily Giffin – January (USA)

“An amazing course! I have made life-long friends, gained amazing knowledge and had an amazing experience teaching Ticos! I am so excited to put what I learned to use. Real game changer course! Loved it! – Kim Eraca – January (USA)

“I’m so pleased I did this course, and and teachers were incredible – it was an inspiration being taught by such intelligent and dedicated people!” – Alexandra Sayers – January (UK)

Past Graduates

Click here to read a full interview with and August 2012 graduate Ben Wilton!

“Attending CRTEFL was one of the best choices I’ve made in my life. I learned more valuable and applicable information than I had expected, especially since I already have a teaching background, and the instructors are extremely knowledgeable and personable.  Placement assistance post-graduation has been a helpful service as I search for work in Costa Rica and live the Pura Vida life!”                      -Ashley Einhaus (USA)

“I enjoyed the activities we did in class – we learned how to bring everything into our very own classrooms. I learned how to be a good English teacher and I feel like I have a lot more self-confidence. I know I’m going to do a great job on my own.”
~ Robert Palmer (USA)

“I love the relationships that I’ve built with my classmates and my teachers – even on the difficult days – they really pushed me through. Throughout the course I grew as a teacher. My passion for being in the classroom, which I thought was all but lost, has been reignited! I don’t know if I can put into words what this experience has meant to me. Thank you for reminding me why I became a teacher in the first place!”
-Kelly Lopez (USA)

“I really enjoyed how comfortable the teachers made me feel, so much positive feedback; it was really helpful in the midst of my nervousness with teaching for the first time. I feel that my confidence (as a person and a teacher) has increased immensely. It has been nothing but a positive and significant experience, and everyone at Costa Rica TEFL made it that way. Thank you for the hand-holding and the pushing-off-the-cliff at the same time. It worked beautifully for me. I love all of you, for real!!”
~ Katie Smith (USA)

“I loved all the interactive games/activities made the subject matter interesting and enjoyable. I enjoyed learning from Barbara and Julia you guys are awesome teachers, very talented. I learned a ton. I have definitely become a better teacher. I am more organized; I have lots of activities to use and a wider knowledge on learning as a whole. I feel ready and prepared to be an EFL teacher. The course exceeded my expectations; it was intensive but I learned so much and feel like a much stronger teacher. The material was very interesting and the classroom resources were great. I feel like I can use these skills for many different jobs and social situations. Thanks for all your hard work!’
~Michele Rod (USA):

‘I enjoyed the teaching styles and attitudes of the instructors. Everything was always very enthusiastic as well as very, very interactive. For students, things were kept interesting and dynamic each day. I have benefited quite a bit as far as teaching and teaching styles. A part from that, I have become more comfortable and confident throughout the course as far as my teaching goes. I had a great time with the course and learned a great deal more than I expected. I definitely couldn’t have been in a better location for this training!’
~Braedon Cindric (USA):

“All of the creative activities were fun and useful so we can use them in our classrooms too. I have built the confidence necessary to teach English on my own!”
~Gregory Friday (USA):

‘I have gained a huge amount of confidence in my teaching ability and the structure (steps to mastery) has really been a benefit in giving me a solid structure which I know will enable me to perform alone. I’ve also benefited in ways I didn’t expect, Eg. living with other students. I enjoyed the entire course!’
~Joe Rebbeck (England):

‘Everything was so clear and well planned that I’m sure I didn’t just memorize but instead learned things I will never forget. I enjoyed the feedback, the attitudes, the smiles and I seriously enjoyed every minute of the entire program. Keep doing what you guys are doing, you rock!’
~Adriana Ching Gonzalez (Costa Rica):
* full scholarship winner 2009

‘I love how you taught us everything through activities and games; it really sticks in your head and it’s very effective way to teach. I am so proud of myself; my self-confidence is super high. I am ready to teach and make a difference. You ladies gave us an amazing experience. You were there for us educationally and personally. Every day was fun and I never dreaded coming to class. I think your teaching techniques are highly effective and where I learned everything from’.
~Roxanne Ashbee (Canada):

‘I enjoyed all the teachers and their attitudes were excellent. I learned all the necessary components for teaching. I have grown as a person and I am excited to get a teaching position. Well planned out course, nothing else to say.’
~Alex Brant (USA):

‘I was forced to learn how to be a more creative thinking teacher by developing themes and activities. I really liked being in Samara. The school is in a super location. The teacher trainers were positive and gave great feedback. Barbara gave me super individual support lining up interviews, making contacts and preparing me for the job prospects and future!’
~Kevin Balfour (USA):

‘Learning didn’t really feel like learning at all. The teachers made it fun and enjoyable. Switching groups was also good because it helped us get to know the other students.’
~Aryan Jabbari (USA):

‘I enjoyed the learning process. I feel confident and prepared as a language teacher. I feel so excited to go out there and teach.’
~Yelena Galperina (USA):

‘It is a very in-depth and challenging course and I believe that it has prepared me to be a great teacher. The teachers are excellent, inspiring and knowledgeable, along with a dynamic course structure, I feel it’s a 100% success for me.’
~Sarah Galli (UK):

‘I enjoyed all of the interactive games and activities. It made it easy to get to know each other and the teacher trainers were always involved and approachable. I have benefited so much from this course. I came in with no idea how to teach English and I am leaving with a solid base of tools and ideas to bring to the classroom’
~Andrea Wigozki (USA):

‘I really enjoyed the overall energy (mentality) teacher attitude during the course. I felt super supported, very encouraged, and absolutely 100% comfortable in this learning environment. I have my Masters, went back to school for my teaching degree, and did my undergrad and this by far has been my favorite learning experience. I learned MANY valuable things throughout this course.’
~Sarah Saunders (USA):

‘I enjoyed the interactive style of classes because they both offered and elicitied new ideas. I enjoyed the practice with local residents because of the experience that was gained. I enjoyed observation and being observed because it allowed me to fine-tune my teaching.’
~Kevin Lydon (USA):