Travel Anywhere While Teaching Online!

Recent graduate Rachel LaNave is currently teaching online with VIPKid while living in Kansas City, MO, but has plans to travel in 2020. “During this time,” she says, “I will continue teaching with VIPKid, as it gives me the freedom to live anywhere!” Rachel explains that her future holds travel, travel, and more travel. “The next step, for me, is to make the move to Europe and become a digital nomad, teaching English on the road!” Furthermore, she explains “I have always dreamed of travel, and Spain has been calling my name for many years! I would like to start in Spain and move every 3-4 months to a new location in Europe for about a year.”

Why Teach?

Teaching is a very rewarding career because you can see the progress your students are making. Rachel explains that she has received reviews from parents of children that she is teaching, and that “many of them have included very kind notes about the progress [they] have witnessed in their child’s English ability and attitude toward learning English.” Although teaching is not always easy, getting feedback like this is “one of those things that makes it worth getting up at 11PM to teach through the night!” Additionally, she is thankful for the training she received while at Costa Rica TEFL. “Every time I go into a lesson with an unfamiliar student I need to be prepared to instantly gauge their level…I was given a crash course in this kind of teaching while at Costa Rica TEFL” she expresses.

Benefits of Working Online

Rachel speaks highly of working online. Besides the obvious advantage of being able to travel and work simultaneously, there are additional benefits. Some might steer away from online work because they are afraid of feeling isolated. However, Rachel explains that her experience has been quite the opposite. She says, “VIPKid is a teaching community, with an incredible network of individuals. We meet up over VIPKid’s workshops and in smaller groups on Facebook to learn from each other and improve our businesses. It’s awesome to have an international support system!” Another benefit to online teaching is that many of the online teaching companies prepare the lessons for you. “You just have to show up and preview the material; another thing I find beneficial is having prior Teacher’s notes on student progress and behavior,” Rachel says.

Rachel, decked out & ready to teach!

Why Travel?

One of Rachel’s motivations for travel is to continue to practice her foreign language skills. She says, “I love Spanish and am on my way to becoming fluent; and I would love to study other languages in their countries of origin.” Rachel says she has learned a lot while traveling, one of the most important lessons being “letting go of what I want here at home. There are always reasons to stay, and to put off travel.” With wisdom beyond her years, Rachel asserts, “There is never a guarantee, no matter your age, of how much time you have left on this earth. The phrase may be a cliché, but tomorrow is just too late. I will have to leave the comfort of my home and my loved ones, in order to do what I know I must do at this time in my life. It’s terrifying, but there is a good lesson in that. I have to teach myself to translate that internal energy to be a driving force; not, ‘it’s terrifying,’ but ‘it’s exhilarating’ instead!”

Rachel traveling in Cuzco, Peru!
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