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Costa Rica to Thailand: An International TEFL Teaching Journey

Meet Keira

Keira Mortimer graduated from Costa Rica TEFL in June of 2019. Originally from Australia, currently she is teaching on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. Of her job she explains, “I am teaching English to adults who are of many different nationalities such as Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian, German and Thai. I am also working at Shiralea Backpackers resort as a bartender, which widens my opportunities to meet new people and create even more memories.”

TEFL Certified

Keira says she has wanted to become TEFL certified for several years. “It started when I was volunteering at an orphanage in Chiang Mai,” she explains, where she had the opportunity to work with children and teach them some English. “Now I have the benefit of being able to travel and make money teaching,” she continues, in addition to the rewarding nature of the work itself.

Why Costa Rica TEFL?

Keira chose to come to Costa Rica TEFL specifically because “Costa Rica ticked all of my boxes: beaches, rainforests, exotic wildlife such as toucans and sloths, Spanish language and the pura vida lifestyle!” Keira says that at Costa Rica TEFL, she learned that “even though I’m a native speaker, there is so much more to the English language than I realized! Which is amazing because I am now able to teach confidently with my students knowing exactly what I’m explaining, even to advanced adult students!”

Playa Samara...

All who visit Samara can agree that it a special place. “One of my first days in Playa Samara I was invited by some of the locals to a barbecue and karaoke night,” Keira says. She goes on to explain, “I remember being so nervous because I didn’t know the language or really anyone there but they all accepted me with open arms and we watched football, ate delicious meat and I got to listen to some Spanish karaoke! It was an amazing first true insight to the local life!”

Parting Advice

During the program, “Be prepared that you are going to be learning! As much as it is going to be the BEST time of your life, you’ll be learning new skills and challenging yourself the entire time. Use the teachers as much as you can, they’re amazing and that’s what they’re there for!”

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