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Life Changes with Costa Rica TEFL

Say hello to October 2019 graduate Jenny Casseus, from Montreal, Quebec. Jenny is now living in Costa Rica and teaching English at the language school Intercultura in Heredia.

Why Costa Rica TEFL?

Jenny explained that she “Needed a career change and wanted to travel. I only heard great things about this country and always wanted to visit. When CR was among the choices to complete my certification, it was a no brainer, it was meant to be.” Moreover, Jenny expressed that she learned a great deal while completing her certificate. “I learned how to be an efficient teacher but most of all I leaned how to trust myself more,” she said. In sum, “I received all the tools and just had to apply what I learned.”


Best Experience at Costa Rica TEFL

As a part of the course, trainees teach at least 10 hours of EFL classes to local English students. “There was one class I had to teach where I felt a bit lost and unprepared,” Jenny explained. She went on to say, “I was literally crying my eyes out 5 minutes before the start. I went in and as soon as I started to teach, all my worries went away. The energy I got back from the students was all I needed to pull through. I had put so much pressure on myself for nothing because in the end they were so thankful and appreciative. Whenever I have a panic moment before class, I think of that class and I feel better.”

Advice for Prospective TEFL Students?

“Do itttttt! Without any hesitation. Trust the process, trust yourself! You’ve got this. It will change your life for the better!”

Parting Words

“I want to thank the beautiful family of Costa Rica TEFL, (boss) Barb, (yogi) Barb, Nickola and Ella. You allowed me to push myself to the fullest and become a better person. I am forever grateful because I will be able to live my best life. Michelle Obama wrote ‘Find your flame and keep it lit’… I’ll do just that!”

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