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Teaching English Abroad in Mexico: Friday Feature with Costa Rica TEFL graduate, Morgan Blair

The waterfalls of Hierve el Agua, Oaxaca, Mexico
Morgan Blair, received her TEFL certification with Costa Rica TEFL and is now teaching English abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico. Here is her story:

Why get TEFL certified?

I fell in love with the idea of traveling while making a positive impact on a community. I discovered this passion after visiting the Dominican Republic for a community development volunteer project.  From then on, I ventured from country to country in the Caribbean and Latin America.  Whilst globetrotting, I continued to participate in different volunteer projects. I had one problem, though…  The volunteer projects were not long enough and I found myself having to constantly go home to Canada in order to work and fund my next adventure. When I heard about Costa Rica TEFL, I thought that this might be the answer I had been searching for! I could travel, teach and get paid!

Naranjal, Oaxaca, Mexico

Getting TEFL certified with Costa Rica TEFL

When I remember my Costa Rica TEFL experience, I look back at it with love and gratitude. Not only were my TEFL teachers passionate and amazing, but I made life long friends in the program. Since graduating, I have been able to reunite with them on my travels through Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico! Another quality about Costa Rica TEFL that I find really special is that even after a student leaves Sámara, they continue to support you and help you find your dream job.  They helped me achieve my current teaching position at a University in Mexico.

Teaching English in Mexico

Currently, I am living in the jungle in Oaxaca, Mexico! I teach at The University of Papaloapan for three to four hours per day to the most fun loving, hilarious, and humble students.  My students are undergraduates in nursing, business, biotech, and chemistry programs. They always know how to put a smile on my face!  When I am not teaching English, you can find me teaching Zumba classes at the University and continuing to work on my Spanish.  The weekends are a great time for me to explore since there is so much to do here! Some of my favorite things to do around here are swimming in the jungle waterfalls and exploring nearby towns. As for the future, I hope to become fluent in Spanish, live by the beach, and continue to teach, travel, and make a little positive imprint on the world.

Morgan with her English students at The University of Papaloapan
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