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TEFL turns Strangers into Best Friends

Lauren Marie(right) and Jessica Rahn(left) on a field trip with their students.

Jessica Rahn and Lauren Marie graduated at TEFL Costa Rica in November 2019 and their TEFL careers have taken off ever since. Both strangers, yet from similar backgrounds, with similar dreams and desires; coming to Costa Rica and completing their TEFL certificate is really what kick started their journeys. We asked the girls to fill us in on their THEN and NOW in a questionnaire, here’s what they had to say.


Before TEFL, Jessica was finishing off her master’s degree in early childhood education which she only really planned up until the end of the summer while she was working as a server in Dewey Beach, Delaware. Little did she know; her plans were about to get a whole lot bigger. It was at her graduation when she spoke to a friend who had told her about the Costa Rica TEFL program.

Lauren had graduated fresh out of university, with her degree in elementary education. She always really wanted to study abroad, however, at the time she wasn’t able to do so. With her degree already in the bag, she made ‘travel’ her next mission.

Why they chose Costa Rica TEFL

Although fully qualified to dive right into teaching, neither Jessica nor Lauren were quite ready to make the jump. Instead, Jessica went back to the conversation that she had with her friend at graduation about Costa Rica TEFL and after thorough research, she committed 1- month towards obtaining her TEFL certificate, in paradise. Lauren, on the hand, had her mind pretty set on travel, “TEFL was an opportunity to travel with a purpose”, she answered during her questionnaire. And that was the start to their next chapter.

NOW… (1- month later…)

Jessica Rahn(back row- centre) and Lauren Marie(middle row- centre receiving their TEFL certificates a.k.a “their tickets to see the world”.

With their TEFL certificates done and dusted and yet another achievement to put up on the wall, both Jessica and Lauren secured teaching positions in a local, private elementary school, right in the very same town that they completed their TEFL training (Playa Sámara, Costa Rica), talk about good fortune.

Since being here in Costa Rica, both girls have done their upmost to explore as much as they possibly can. They’ve visited Tamarindo, gone zip lining in Monte Verde, bathed in the hot springs of la Fortuna, seen the magical waters of Rio Celeste and even travelled to Panamá for their visa run… just “livin’ la Pura Vida”.

Why they would recommend Costa Rica TEFL:

“It was a once in a lifetime experience”, commented Jessica and that since coming to Costa Rica, she’s had the best time of her life. Jessica also feels that being able to live in a situation outside of her comfort zone has allowed her to grow and become a better version of herself. As for those who want to teach, “Costa Rica TEFL is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience and to have a reason to travel around the world while getting paid”, says Lauren.

It’s safe to say that both these girls have launched their TEFL careers the right way and we look forward to tracking their upcoming adventures… whether together or apart.

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