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Top 5 Reasons why Costa Rica TEFL should be your next TEFL Destination

I want to teach English to non-native English speakers… I want to travel the world… I want to get TEFL certified… but where do I even begin? This is a big question that circulates when you are trying to decide on your TEFL destination. Everything needs to be included in the “perfect package” but what exactly does that entail? To name a few; the destination, is it a nice place to go to as you will be spending a few weeks there? The cost of the TEFL course? Accommodation and flights? Will I get a job after I graduate? All these questions are very likely to run through your mind when choosing the right destination. It almost gives you anxiety making sure your choice is the right one, so let’s help you put your mind at ease and start with Costa Rica TEFL, and the top 5 reasons why this destination in particular, should be your next TEFL destination.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Playa Sámara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Firstly, Playa Sámara, a small gem tucked in the Western Guanacaste Peninsula, is a beach town paradise and only a bus ride away from the main international airports in San José and Liberia. The town is a perfect blend of locals and tourists so you’ll get that local effect to add to your experience. There are lots of outdoor activities available such as kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, horseback riding, ATV-ing, surfing, ziplining, dolphin watching, fishing, deep sea diving and the list goes on. Whether you are looking for a party or to have a chill time, there is a perfect balance for that. There are 3 other amazing beaches nearby highly recommended for surfing; Playa Izquierda, Playa Barrigona and Buenavista all within 15 minutes apart where you can walk, bike, or take a taxi. Overalll, the warm and friendly smiles of people strolling in the streets or riding their bicycles simply adds to the all-round “pura vida” life.

2. Quality TEFL School and TEFL Team.

Teacher Trainer, Nickola (left) and Administrative Coordinator, Shannon (right).

“Coming together is the beginning, staying
together is progress and working together is success”- Henry Ford

Costa Rica TEFL is an internationally accredited course. The program offers courses throughout the year so you can plan for whichever month is suited to you. It is a 4- week program and includes 160 hours of hands-on training, textbook and all teaching materials, 10- 20 hours practicum of actual teaching to non- native English students, free weekly Spanish classes which will give you the opportunity to learn another language and the experience of being be culturally immersed, free beach yoga classes, accommodation/ housing placement assistance and lifelong job placement assistance. The class sizes are just right, they range from 6 to 13 trainees per course. The small class sizes are great for learning, creating, sharing and exploring your talents as a person and teacher as well. You will have hands-on TEFL training classes with the trainers where you will learn about classroom management, lesson planning, lesson delivery and many other elements of teaching. The staff are absolute rock-stars!  They’ll make you feel welcome, comfortable throughout the course and are available at all times as mentors, should you encounter any problems in or outside the classroom. You will have a motivating and empowering team to walk you through your months journey and as a result, you will leave feeling proud of what you have accomplished and fully ready to teach on your own.

3. Cultural Potpourri

Culturally diverse group of TEFL Trainees having a class out on the beach.

Imagine training and teaching alongside people from all over the world? Your experience will forever be full and rich when you get to learn about other people’s cultures. Costa Rica TEFL attracts people from every corner of the globe, some of our graduates include people from; USA, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, Argentina, Panamá, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, Namibia, South Africa, Iraq, Singapore, India, New Zealand and Australia. Being around different people from different nationalities and backgrounds is what makes the experience so much more valuable here at Costa Rica TEFL. Your knowledge of semantics will be enhanced just by learning about different words and phrases during basic conversations with your peers. You will be more educated about the world and have a greater appreciation for people’s cultures including the one where you will be teaching for the month, Costa Rica.

4. Lifetime Global Job Placement

TEFL Grad Shannon starting her new job as a primary school English teacher.

“Will I get a job after training?”, this is a lot of TEFL trainees’ concern and to answer your question… you definitely will! In fact, the Costa Rica TEFL program is known for its high job placement rate. You have 3 choices: staying in Costa Rica and working or volunteering, going to another country of your choice, or teaching online. Whatever it is, Barbara Miller, the director of Costa Rica TEFL ensures that your dream job becomes your reality. It is such an exciting feeling to know that you can come here with no job and leave in a month with one. Your entire life can change in a month, no let me rephrase that – “your entire life is guaranteed to change in a month”.

5. Strangers Become Family

First 2020 TEFL Grads celebrating their victory with TEFL Staff Barbara Miller (Director), Barbara Rodgers (TEFL Trainer) and Nickola Johnson (TEFL Trainer).

feel like Costa Rica TEFL is the gathering place, where new friends become
family. You find your soul tribe in a way. You may even find your next relationship;
you wouldn’t be the first. The connections you make with people during your
TEFL experience are forever. There is no better feeling than being around
people who want to work together to better themselves and who are here for the
purpose of learning together, growing together and teaching together.

And if we
haven’t yet convinced you that Costa Rica TEFL should be your next TEFL
destination, then we’ll leave you with this…

Expect to be introduced to a completely new world of education mixed with travel; Expect to leave Costa Rica TEFL with your TEFL certificate which is your ticket to see the world!

Costa Rica TEFL: Your ticket to see the world.

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