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Corey and Liz show us how it’s done in Nosara, Costa Rica!

Corey Burleigh, a TEFL graduate from November 2012, sends us this update from Nosara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica:
tefl, tefl costa rica, teach english, teaching english“We officially began our jobs as the English department here at the Nosara Spanish Institute, beginning classes on Jan. 7th.
Since then we went from 13 students to over 50, and we’re still adding new students every week!  We’ve also been working to expand our options here and the services we can provide.  As of February, we opened a new section of classes at the Library in Nosara Central, giving the students across town an option for English classes at an affordable rate.  This is catching on fast! People are talking about it and spreading the word and we’re getting more students all the time. Also, we’ve decided to offer local businesses the option of us going on site to teach their employees instead of having them find time to come here.  So far the big yoga house here, Blue Spirit, with over 20 students have decided to sign on.
We’ve got some more tricks up our sleeves and I will keep you posted on as the year develops! Thanks for all of your help!”
It is so great to see our graduates prospering! Way to be proactive and really reach out to the community, we are sure they are thrilled to have such wonderful teachers. Keep up the good work you two!!
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