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CR TEFL- your ticket to see the world, starting in Costa Rica

Monday here at CR TEFL is always an exciting day.  It is the beginning of the week, everyone is well rested after their fun filled weekends spent traveling in lovely Costa Rica, or taking a surf lesson and relaxing in Playa Samara.

It is also fun to check the messages and hear from past students, many of whom are teaching in Costa Rica or in other countries.  We just recently heard from a past student, Sally, who has been teaching in Ecuador for sometime.  She told us about her classroom experience and about fun projects, like creating a comic strip with her students.  We also heard about the beautiful country side and the mountains she has climbed.  We know that she is happy there and she attributes her success to her time here at CR TEFL.

We also have more success stories about a recent graduate and a soon to be graduate (this Friday) and their job offers in Costa Rica.  Both have been offered great positions in not so typical places.  Megan will be heading to Esparza, Costa Rica.  There she will be in a traditional private school teaching advanced English to two groups (6-8th grades and 9-11th grades) as an employee of Amerikanos Estudios, a decidedly non-traditional cultural center.  We are excited to get updates about her time there!

Our other successful student, Jena, has been offered a position in the Osa Peninsula, the other peninsula on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  She’ll be heading to Puerto Jimenez to teach Elementary English and Math.  Puerto Jimenez is a rural city, in a beautiful and natural part of Costa Rica. We know she is going to love it there!

Other soon to be graduates are looking into volunteering at a sustainable community here called Rancho Margot by Lake Arenal and the famous Volcan Arenal. Mark has accepted a position and will start in mid-January!

We are very proud of our graduates who continue to put their CRTEFL certificate to work, whether they are in Costa Rica or anywhere else in the world!

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