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Hear from one of our graduate teaching in NYC!

We have CR TEFL graduates working all around the world! Some have taught in small villages in Costa Rica and others in private schools in South Korea.  When students graduate TEFL they often find that the the opportunities for teaching English are almost endless.

Check out this article about one of our past graduates, Martine, who finds herself teaching in New York City! One of the biggest cities in the world!

“. . . I have a job teaching in a language school in Manhattan. Very nice school….professional, nice staff and super motivated students. They are from all over the world which I love.  It has only been a week but it has been fun.  I just have to get prep. time under control.  I don’t want to feel as if my life is only work and prepping.

Thanks so much for the good training that your school provided. Julia and Dana are excellent teachers and gave me the skills I need.  I feel so prepared in front of my students.”

We are confident that Martine is doing a great job, and we are happy to here that CR TEFL helped get her to where she is now!  Keep up the good work Martine!

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