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One TEFL graduate teaching in Mal Pais Costa Rica

There are people that like their job, and there are others that love their job!  Sara, one of our TEFL grads from 2010- LOVES her job.  She began working in Mal Pais Costa Rica a little while after her course with us here in Playa Samara.  Check out what she has to say about her challenging and rewarding experience.

“I’m basically on my own, creating an English curriculum from scratch for about 30 kids between 1st and 6th grade in the public school. It’s been a super challenging and rewarding experience! During the TEFL course I was taught to be creative, professional and always prepared, and that goes a long way down here. At the school, the resources I was given were one whiteboard, desks and chairs, and some old markers without caps. So I had to come up with almost everything on my own, and I was ready for it. I use stuff from the TEFL course every day, whether its games, activities, websites or just teaching techniques, I’m always aware of it and super grateful I did the course. I would be totally lost without it!

The kids are adorable and they love learning. And we recently started evening classes for adults in the community, so it just keeps growing. They’ve already asked me back for next year and I’ve accepted. Thank you guys for an amazing course, I wouldn’t be here without you”

Sara is doing a fantastic job, and we are very proud of her! And look at those smiles! Could those English students be any happier?! We are excited to see where this TEFL road leads our grad. Sara! Great job Sara! You are an inspiration to us all! We hope to hear more from you along the road.

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