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Scholarship recipient shares her experience!

“For me the Costa Rica TEFL course was such an amazing experience! As a Costa Rican, I was lucky enough to win a full scholarship to be able to become an EFL teacher! This is something I always wanted and this course was the tool for me to achieve it.
As a non-native my experience was really unique. It was hard and intense and for moments I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it, but the support, help, willingness and great vibe that I got from the teachers and everyone at Costa Rica TEFL, including my fellow peers, was more than enough to get me through and to enjoy every moment of it!
By the end of it I honestly didn’t want it to be over! I wish we could’ve had more time!!
I have a newly found appreciation for teaching as I got so attached to the kids that came to our classes in Samara every week!
Samara was just the icing on the cake! What better place to relax after every intense class and every intense week!
I hope to use this certificate as my ticket to see the world while I improve my teaching skills! But I can definitely say that every single thing I learned I will use!!
I highly recommend this course, I believe its completely organized, well prepared, the staff is amazing, and the experience is just one of a kind!
Thank you Barbara, Kat, Kim and Sonya. Thank you Costa Rica TEFL for one of the best experiences I ever had!!!”


Marcia Toledo

TEFL Graduate April 2012

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