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TEFL Grads around the World! Hear from one of our grads who taught in Nepal!

We are always proud of our graduates, especially when they go on to teach English after our course.  Hear from one of our graduates, Fern, and her amazing and life changing journey  in Nepal.  Fern did a remarkable job in an environment that many people never even have a chance to visit.  We hope her experience is as inspiring to you and is has been to us.

“Well I wanted to go to Nepal to teach, and I did! It was quite remarkable to live in a little village, a 2 hour walk to Pokhara (the nearest big town)  with a Nepalese family and teach at the elementary school there. They had zero supplies and materials. I didn`t get to use all the lessons I learned with [Costa Rica TEFL] because they had their own curriculum, but I incorporated lots of grammar games which the kids loved. In fact they wanted to play them all the time, but I had to prepare them for their exams as well. The students do half their courses in English, but the sad thing is that the English books are so bad, that they are learning wrong sentence structure, spelling, pronunciation, etc…I offered to rewrite some chapters, which felt satisfying. I would like to redo the TEFL course with no pictures to cut out, no magazines, no coloured paper or pens…a basic version. They did have blackboards and chalk.

I could write pages about Nepal: my village with a constant view of the Annapurna Range (where I went trekking while the students wrote their exams), the simple basic way of life, dhal bhaat 2x a day every day, no electricity, cooking on a tiny open fire in the kitchen where there is no furniture and everyone sits on the floor, sharing a room with many huge mice, and my beautiful family who I am still in touch with…”

Fern had an amazing experience in Nepal, and we are happy that CR TEFL was able to prepare her for her journey, and whatever other journeys lie ahead.

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