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Two more TEFL graduates secure jobs!

Two graduates recently traveled to San Jose to complete follow-up interviews with one of our favorite job placement options, Idioma Internacional. Within days we got this great news that they were both offered positions and will start right away!!


I offered both Mike and Kirk a position and both accepted. I think they’ll both be successful trainers with us and I’m particularly interested to get Kirk in our colegio tecnico classrooms.

I’m also always confident hiring teachers out of your program, Barbara. As you can imagine, I hire a lot of teachers from a lot of programs and your graduates are among the most prepared and trained of all programs I hire from, in CR and abroad. Thanks!

I’ll keep you in the loop as to how they are doing. Training starts a week from today and de hoy en quince, they’ll be in the classroom.



Brendan Mulhall
Director Académico
Idioma Internacional

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