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Update from recent graduates working in Panama City, Panama!

Dave and Julia studied with Costa Rica TEFL in November/December 2012. Since then they have done some traveling before settling in Panama City, Panama. Here is the update they sent to us!

“Both Dave and I have been offered full-time teaching posts at Oxford School in Panama City!  Dave will be teaching science at grade 7 and I’m teaching English Lit grades 6 and 7.  This is a private school basing itself on the English National Curriculum and teaching almost all subjects in English.  We’ve signed 10 month contracts and are on a decent salary with housing allowance, work visa and medical insurance.

We start tomorrow and the pupils start in just over a week’s time.  We’re very nervous but the teaching practice we’ve had with you has given us a lot of confidence – those ‘English Only Please’ signs will be very useful, and are encouraged in the school.  They also have TEFL classes for total no-English speakers joining the school, and at weekends, so we may end up doing some of this as well, although I think we’ll have enough on our plates to start with!”

Great to hear from you Dave and Julia! We are so pleased to hear that you have found a great opportunity, it sounds perfect for you both!

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