What are they doing now? News from some of our recent grads. - Costa Rica TEFL - Earn your TEFL certification

What are they doing now? News from some of our recent grads.

Hi Costa Rica TEFLers,

After our TEFL course we spent some time teaching in Costa Rica (Heredia) and we are now in Oaxaca, Mexico at a small university in the middle of the state. We are pretty happy here; we have a great house and get to share a nice office with a mountain view. The job has a lot of benefits, savings plan, health etc… but can be a challenge as the students are required to take English so need to be motivated.

When working both here and in Costa Rica we continually use the games, techniques and methodology that we learned from your program. We have never felt unprepared for anything when it comes to teaching and spend a lot of time helping our co-workers come up with ideas for lessons. We often feel sorry for other people that we have talked to/worked with and are reminded of what a great choice we made from all the TEFL schools out there! We really did research many different schools before we became interested in yours and have never been disappointed!

Seriously you guys are awesome! You really taught by example and though our board work may have gone to hell, we have your practically perfect examples to live up to. =) We are planning to be in Oaxaca until the February and then we are thinking of South America… know anyone down there? Let us know, we are considering Chile, but don’t yet! If anyone has any thoughts for us let us know!

Bye for now,
Ruth and Derek

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