What are they doing now? News from some of our recent grads. - Costa Rica TEFL - Earn your TEFL certification

What are they doing now? News from some of our recent grads.

Hey all!

I’m now in South Korea making use of my TEFL education. I’m working for a private academy, which has been awesome. Barbara actually got me in touch with this girl, Caitlin, who got me the job. I would argue that my school is one of the best to work for in Korea, hands down. It’s a great situation. They paid for my flight here, pay for my housing, help me out with all sorts of day-to-day things, and the money is good.

Anyway, teaching in Korea is MUCH different then being down in Central America. It’s much more structured and all the materials you need are given to you. I kind of miss having to “create” my own games and lessons, but the structure of my school makes things very very easy and I tend to toss in my own flavor when I can.

Aside from helping me land the job, I’ve definitely utilized my TEFL training many times. You don’t need a TEFL certificate to teach in Korea, but there is a noticeable difference between the teachers that are trained and those that aren’t. I definitely plan on being in Korea/Asia for another couple years, there is so much to see/explore! Mainly I’m just trying to save money to get back to Central/South America to teach for a while.

Hope all is well with everybody else!!! Love and miss you guys!

Cheers, Patrick

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