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Course Costs (old)

$1585 course fee + $50 application fee = $1635  (USD) 2018

(Why is our fee so much less than other TEFL courses in Costa Rica? We are independently owned and not a chain school. Our main goal is to educate. Additionally, our ELL program is non-profit which is one of the many ways we give back to the local community. )

The course includes:

  • Internationally Accredited TEFL certification.
  • Course materials and assistance in constructing a professional portfolio to be used in interviews and in your future classroom.
  • Costa Rica TEFL© textbook
  • Access to copy machines, printers and all of the materials you need to complete the course.
  • Life-long job placement assistance for teaching positions in Costa Rica and worldwide.
  • Interview preparation and on-site interviews with local language schools, Universities, and International schools.
  • Access to our network of current EFL teachers around the world which includes chats, emails, a variety of online teaching resources and first-hand testimonials.
  • Full use of air-conditioned facilities and FREE Wi-Fi
  • Free housing placement assistance
  • Free Beach Yoga & Spanish classes

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Payment Plans: We offer payment plans to individuals who would like to pay the cost of the course over a 4-6 month period. Email us for details:

Forms of Payment

For the TEFL course you may use the following:

    • Paypal/Credit Card

  • Deposit or transfer to the local Banco Nacional
  • Deposit to Bank of America in US
  • Wire Transfer ($15 fee within US and $16 fee for Int’l transfers) to Bank of America in US
  • US Personal Check
  • Cash

For Spanish classes: (Intercultura offers TEFL students a 10% discount on their Spanish Immersion Program).

Refund Policy:

Costa Rica TEFL does not give program refunds once the student has begun the TEFL course unless in case of a documentable emergency (ex: sickness, accident, family emergency). The refund is given at the discretion of the administration on a case-by-case basis and only once proper documentation has been provided. A portion of the course fee may be returned or the student may be given a course credit which, they may use to complete the course at a later date.


*The course deposit is non-refundable but may also be used at a later date.