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Almost halfway . . .

We are almost halfwayKimberly's Health Lifestyle Class through the September course and there is never a dull moment here at the school.  It is the second week of teaching and the TEFL students are improving in each step of the way.  Creativity is flowing throughout the building as one student had created a “Prepositions Rap” and others have provided “Dramatizations” during their English lessons.  It is fun to see their unique personalities and different teaching styles come out in the lessons they create.  The technique obtained here will definitely help them in their Allison's Where are you lessonfuture TEFL careers.


We know our TEFL students are doing a great job because there is not enough room in the classes for all the students that desire classes!  This week alone we had many people come in for the placement tests.  Some were placed directly to the Advanced and Intermediate levels and other have to wait for the space to open in Beginner II.  Its is fun to see the TEFL teachers instructing and teaching the local Samareños.

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