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Creative Classes during October TEFL!

Two weeks in to the October session of our TEFL Program and our students are halfway done! It has been great to see what they have been coming up with for their class themes.  The first creative class we saw was during Megan and Bryan’s Beginner II class.  The theme way cooking and “BAM” they took it to another level!

Not only did they bring in great props and real food, but they made that great (as well as funny) chef’s hat.  It was easy to tell that the students not only understood and followed along with the lesson, but we are confident they will remember it for sometime! Great Job you two!

The Second memorable lesson was done by Megan.  She was working with the intermediate group on using “will and won’t”.  She got creative and turned the classroom into a fortune tellers lair.

As soon as the students entered candlelit room they were asked to trace their palm on to a sheet of paper, and then draw four line within the palm.  Afterwards the students had to make some future predictions using will and won’t.  It was quite a successful class!

With two more weeks of this TEFL course there still 18 classes to be taught.  We are excited to see what else our fine students come up with!

Stay tuned for more great stories!

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