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Halfway through the 3rd week!

Here are CR TEFL we are already halfway through our 3rd week of the Nov-Dec program.  That means our students only have a week and a half to go, which equals to 5 more classes this week and 8 more classes next week and then we have a new group of Costa Rica TEFL graduates!

It is really amazing how time flies, especially when you are having fun.   Here are CR TEFL we give our students the foundations to create great lessons. Then it is up to our student teachers to put their personal touch into each and every lesson.  It is always fun to see how our students continually improve throughout the course.


There are 13 classes left in this session and we expect the best from each and everyone one of our student teachers. Everyone has their own style and personal expression and that is what makes us all unique and fun teachers.  The personalization that the instructor brings to the class is what intrigues the students and keeps them coming back.

We even have a recent graduate, who began as an English student (here at CR TEFL with our student teachers), improved to the advanced level,  then became recently took the course and has become TEFL certified.  Even after his certification, he continues to come to our classes.  He knows that here he will have exposure to creative and different English lessons as well as an English ONLY classroom experience.  These are just a few facts that let us know we are doing a great job.

It is exciting to see where our newest graduates will go. It is a big world out there and Costa Rica TEFL is your ticket to see the world!

If you are interested in learning more about our program, please contact us at info@costaricatefl.com

Stay tuned for more updates 🙂

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