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Second day of teaching- TEFL group 2011

Monday began a new session of TEFL students and by Wednesday they were teaching the Beginner II and Advanced classes, today (Thursday) they will teach Intermediate and Beginner NEW.  During the first week we have the students work in pairs, and it’s only their second day of teaching and it is great to see how well they work together.   Friday is their last day together and starting next Monday, our TEFLers are flying solo! It is fun to watch their nervous “butterflies” turn in to good positive energy once the classes begin.

This group is especially exciting because one of our past English students, Bryan, is now taking our TEFL course! We are looking forward to the day he teaches the advanced level because he will be teaching his ex-class mates 🙂 We know he will do a good job, and we are very proud of how much he continues to progress!

Stay tuned for new pictures!

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