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Nov-Dec TEFL GROUP 1st day teaching

With the Oct-Nov group graduated and starting their interview process round Costa Rica (GOOD LUCK MEGAN!), we welcome our newest TEFL students to the program. Most of the group arrived over the weekend and on Monday everyone was at the school ready to begin. Yesterday they played some icebreakers, covered a few important topics of the day, and then they were put into partners in order to begin their first classes.

Tonight they are teaching in pairs, by next week they will be on their own.  How exciting?! Its great to see how new students can come together to make awesome lesson plans, filled with fun interactive themes and engaging classroom activities.  One group is teaching the beginners “can vs. cannot (can’t)” with a fun Costa Rica travel theme, while the other groups is teaching the intermediate students “yes and no questions” with complete sentence responses.  Their theme is food, and from the looks of their wall art, we are going to having some hungry students on our hands during the break!

We have a good feeling about this TEFL class, and we know our English students will are going to be learning lot from them.  Stay tuned for more photos, stories and more!

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