2021 TEFL Scholarship Recipients

2021 TEFL Scholarship Recipients


Meet Elieth and Ingrid! These two amazing Costa Rican scholarship recipients are getting TEFL certified with hopes of making ripples of their own in their local communities by teaching English and opening the doors of opportunity for their students. Elieth is from our town of playa Sámara and Ingrid is from Limón. They have both done an amazing job and are very talented teachers!


Every year we give back to our local community by contributing 2-4 full scholarships to local Costa Rican’s who then “pay it forward” by teaching in their local communities.


Both Eli and Ingrid have always wanted to be teachers before joining the course. All her life, Ingrid dreamt of being a teacher, and Elieth had already begun studying in another program that would allow her to teach Spanish to speakers of other languages. Impressive! 



When asked their initial thoughts about joining us, both Eli and Ingrid were excited to take advantage of the opportunity, but still a little nervous about what would be to come. Ingrid lives in Costa Rica, but on the other side of the country! She had to sacrifice 4 weeks of being away from her family to join us at CRTEFL. We are so grateful for Ingrid’s sacrifice because of her positive energy, intuition, and valuable discussion that she contributes to the classroom. 



Eli says that after the TEFL course, “I feel more confident teaching now. Before, I was not sure if I had the abilities to be a good teacher, but this TEFL course gave me a lot of knowledge and tools to develop and improve teaching skills that I did not know that I had.”










Ingrid says, “I’ve learned how to communicate, share, and develop as a teacher and I’ve learned a lot of those skills from other teachers.”



After graduating from the course, Eli is planning on giving some private classes, as she already has some people interested. “I also would like to teach online and travel to different countries.” Costa Rica TEFL is an amazing opportunity for people to teach and travel. You can make your schedule, manage when you do and don’t want to work and continue seeing the world all while doing so.


After Ingrid graduates from TEFL, she says, “I plan to share my knowledge through giving lessons in a job and within my community.” Ingrid’s desire to give back to people is reflected in the way that she teaches. She is informative, patient, and encouraging when in the classroom.  We can’t wait to see where Ingrid and Eli take their certifications!



It has been amazing to see these two women grow into even better teachers than they were to begin with. We hope to see YOU next! 



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