5 Reasons to Get TEFL Certified in Playa Samara, Costa Rica

5 Reasons to Get TEFL Certified in Playa Samara, Costa Rica

If we’re honest, the title itself should be enough to make you want to get TEFL certified with us. You’re getting professional teaching experience, in a beach town, in Costa Rica? Why wouldn’t you say yes?! We get that sometimes it can be difficult to get out of your comfort zone so it may take a little more convincing. Keep reading and see if we can change your mind. Here are the top 5 reasons to get TEFL Certified in Samara Beach:


5) Experience living in a small beach town with beautiful views EVERY DAY! 

We’re definitely a bit biased, but Playa Samara has to be one of the most beautiful places in all of Costa Rica. Playa Samara is a small beach town with plenty of friendly locals, lots of good food, nature, hiking trails, and of course- the beach! Living the Pura Vida in an entirely new environment while getting certified to pursue your passion sounds almost too good to be true- except it isn’t. You’ll have to just come here and see for yourself! 


4) With Costa Rica TEFL, you get online AND in-person training with REAL English students

Contrary to a virtual TEFL certification course, you will be physically in Costa Rica taking your training classes and teaching real English students from around the Playa Sámara community. Observation, practicum, and training hours are all taken care of within 4 short weeks. Here, you can expect to have dynamic, exciting classes with students who truly appreciate your time and effort put into classes. Additionally, to accommodate today’s teaching demands, we also incorporate skills in effective online lesson creation and teaching online, as well as sessions dedicated to in how to navigate Zoom and other online platforms. Above all, we want to make sure our teacher trainees leave Costa Rica TEFL fully prepared to pursue their teaching careers and adapt to today’s regularly changing world. 

3) Be your own boss

As a TEFL teacher, you have the freedom to work for YOU. Set your own schedule and choose your location: work from the beach, another country, from home, from the top of a volcano (with WiFi, of course), it’s up to you! You can have a meaningful career, grateful students, set your own price, schedule, and location. If you want to work in-person teaching adults, you are in the perfect place to do so. Also, if you want to work online with kids, we can make that happen! We provide lifetime job placement assistance, meaning we will help you find a teaching position based on your teaching desires throughout your TEFL career.

2) Learn new skills 

Have you ever wanted to learn another language but didn’t know where to start? Do you know how to surf? How about ocean kayaking or beach yoga? Costa Rica TEFL provides free Spanish and beach yoga classes while you’re a student here, and you have access to the perfect place to learn a water-based sport.  Without a doubt, the best part about the Spanish classes is that you are able to go into the community to practice what you’re learning and truly immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture and language! Learn how to surf, how to speak Spanish, relax with yoga and how to teach a language all while living in beautiful Costa Rica. 

1) Create life-long relationships

While training at CRTEFL, you will be surrounded by future teachers with whom you will be studying, planning, and ultimately graduating, not to mention the incredibly caring and helpful staff who want to see you succeed. You’ll also be able to interact with plenty of other travelers, our English students, and the locals who are very eager to get to know you. One of the many advantages of teaching from anywhere is that you are able to travel, meet new people, and make a few #besties in every country you visit. Today, we have a network of TEFL graduates all over the world living their best lives ~ why not join them?
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