A Career Change for the Better

A Career Change for the Better

Meet Lisa!

Lisa graduated from Costa Rica TEFL in November 2020 and is currently teaching 5th and 6th grade in Jaco, Costa Rica. Lisa originally got TEFL certified because she was looking for an opportunity to teach and travel the world. So, are you also looking to travel the world and teach abroad? Then keep reading!!

Lisa chose CRTEFL specifically while weighing out all of the countries that she would have liked to teach in. Costa Rica was prioritized for being such a tropical paradise and our TEFL school because of our lifetime job placement assistance, free yoga and Spanish classes, and because of the opportunity to live the Pura Vida being immersed in a beautiful culture and language. We here at CRTEFL don’t blame her, we’d choose us too! 

Some of the most important things Lisa learned while doing this course included “ways to keep my [her] students engaged and involved in learning.” She says, “I use things I learned in my classes at TEFL in my classroom every day.” 

Lisa dreamt of living on the beach and teaching elementary students and after getting TEFL certified, she is fulfilling her dreams by doing exactly that. 

What makes a great teacher?

Lisa says that being a great teacher includes a “combination of knowledge, compassion, patience, creativity and the drive to succeed and the want to see others succeed. You have to be excited to teach. You need to have your passion and excitement for learning spread to your students. Make them part of their learning, keep them engaged and excited. Make them feel safe and included. When students feel all these things they will reach their full potential. When your students are successful, then you are a great teacher.” Wow- powerful! We entirely agree. It is important to be enthusiastic, creative, excited to teach, and passionate. Students’ learning depends on the teachers’ teaching. 

For students thinking about becoming TEFL certified with Costa Rica TEFL, Lisa tells you to “Do it! You will never regret it. I wish I had known when I was much younger. It is a great way to work and see the world. Barb and the staff are wonderful. You will not only have a director and classmates, but life long friends. I worked in nursing for 30 years and now I am living in paradise and doing my dream job teaching elementary students. I enjoy going to work every day and living in paradise in Costa Rica is just an added bonus!” She is living proof you are also never too old to live your dream.


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