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A “Penny” for Your Thoughts

Penny's Story

Penny is originally from Australia, but moved to Costa Rica to begin her TEFL journey. Penny took and graduated from Costa Rica TEFL in March of 2021. She is currently teaching 5th and 6th grade in Jacó, Costa Rica, living, and LOVING the TEFL lifestyle!


Penny chose CRTEFL because she saw us as her “ticket to new and exciting opportunities”. She loved the idea of getting certified in the tropics with the support of our team and her peers. She calls TEFL “an opportunity of a lifetime” since our TEFL certificate does not expire once you earn it, and neither do the memories! 

Continued Learning

Regarding a few things she’s learned after getting certified, Penny says, “I am always reflecting back on teaching concepts I learnt at TEFL. Knowing what I know now, leading a classroom, I don’t think I would have been this creative or comfortable in thinking on my feet without having completed TEFL. It gave me the confidence to be the kind of teacher I wanted to be. ” It’s always a pleasure to know that our graduates leave TEFL having learned more than specific grammar to teach in a class. Our teachers leave the school with valuable knowledge like creativity, thinking on your feet, and increased confidence after having completed the course. 

Some of Penny’s best experiences were made inside of the TEFL classrooms. She’d always come into “interactive and engaging classrooms every day feeling inspired and empowered to start my [her] personal and professional ventures.”

If you are a future teacher thinking about whether or not you want to complete your TEFL course in Costa Rica with CRTEFL, Penny says, “Don’t hesitate. If you know teaching/training is in you, it’s a course well worth doing. You need to put in the effort for your 160 hours, but it sets you up for success.” 

Penny’s final thoughts, which we all can take a lesson or two from: “Life is too short to sit back and wait for an opportunity to come to you. During the time I signed up for CRTEFL, I was reevaluating everything! I had never been more ready and happy to invest in myself professionally and personally. I wanted to be challenged, share an experience, create stories and take a leap of faith… and it’s just the beginning.”


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