Can I do TEFL as a Non-Native English Speaker?

Can I do TEFL as a Non-Native English Speaker?

The answer to that question is…YES! Costa Rica TEFL doesn’t require too much for our students to get TEFL certified: be at least 18 years of age, be a native English speaker or have a native-like ability to speak, and be ready to learn! Do you fit the description? 

In May 2021, we had the pleasure of meeting a non-native English speaker originally from Switzerland but who was more than qualified to get TEFL certified with us. Her name is Julie, and she is currently living and loving the Pura Vida. All the while, taking advantage of the opportunities that come with being a TEFL grad, working at a local school online, as well as with private students. 

Julie’s TEFL Experience

Julie had originally taken the TEFL course to learn a new skill, which she did and completely thrived at! Julie has grown to be an amazing teacher, and as time has gone on, we were able to watch her blossom into the amazing teacher she was meant to be. Among being able to teach, some other important things she learned while completing her TEFL course included patience, handling stress, and keeping calm in challenging situations. As a teacher in Costa Rica, many things can go wrong in the classroom. Loud rain makes it difficult to hear, masks hinder speaking, and sometimes, the WiFi wouldn’t work! We here at Costa Rica TEFL see this as an opportunity to learn and adapt. We’d prefer to train our teachers for situations like these so that when they are around the world teaching, they know how to react to situations like these. 


She also appreciates that she made many new friends while taking the TEFL certification course. One of our favorite things to witness as people take the TEFL course is that even though they don’t know it, our trainees grow to be lifelong friends with whom they will always be in contact with! Watching friendships be built, witnessing how peers work with each other and care for each others’ success is a very beautiful thing!

Julie’s Experiences

Julie says one of the best experiences she’s had was exactly that- meeting so many people, not to mention doing something she has never done before. Getting TEFL certified in a foreign country isn’t an easy decision to make. But, once you’re able to reap the benefits of having met so many new people and now have means of having a worthwhile, rewarding, and lasting career, you too will agree that it is 100% worth it.

To all of our potential TEFL trainees, Julie tells you just to “Do it! Even though it’s hard, it’s worth it’s time and energy.” 

You heard it here from us and from a non-native English speaker herself! If you are a non-native fluent English speaker, you are more than welcome to get TEFL certified with us while living in Costa Rica. We hope to be receiving your application soon…

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