Teaching Abroad! Friday Feature: Maeghan's Journey!

Friday Feature: Maeghan’s Journey!

Meet Maeghan! Maeghan is originally from Canada but moved to Costa Rica to attend TEFL. She has always been interested in traveling and thought that teaching abroad would be a great way to do so. Keep reading to learn more about Maeghan’s journey!

Maeghan chose CRTEFL because of amazing reviews online and she thought it would be a good excuse to travel Costa Rica. She felt that CRTEFL would give her the freedom of teaching abroad while being able to support herself financially.

Maeghan is now working at a private school in Santa Ana (near San Jose) where she  teaches Math and Science in English to grade 4 students. She plans to stay for at least 2 years, if not longer. She’s really embracing the Pura Vida lifestyle! Her favourite part of teaching is when she gets random hugs throughout the day from thankful students. She also loves to see their faces light up when they are able to connect new concepts to old ones. 

Who doesn’t love to see people learn while having fun?

Maeghan and her CRTEFL peers zip lining in Samara!


For Maeghan, the most important thing that TEFL teaches is how to interact with students as a teacher and how to feel comfortable being in charge of a classroom setting. She still uses the skills that she learned in Costa Rica TEFL daily at her new job. Lesson planning, classroom flexibility, and making learning fun are just a few of those skills. 

While training to be an English teacher, her best experiences were the interactions with the local EFL students. She also enjoyed bonding with her classmates and reviewing at the end of the course in preparation for the exam. Maeghan explains, “we had a lot of fun reviewing and playing games and it really took the stress out of the final exam.” 

When asked about what advice she would give to people considering getting a TEFL certificate with Costa Rica TEFL, Maeghan says, “Do it! It’s absolutely worth it. Not only was the program a wonderful experience in itself but teaching is also such a rewarding experience. Not to mention, the certification doesn’t expire, so you will always have a way to make a little money on the side.” 























During her free time, Maeghan likes to go shopping in nearby San Jose or go out with the friends she has made since moving there. On the weekends she likes to experience Costa Rican beaches, waterfalls and wildlife. Maeghan has built a whole life here in Costa Rica filled with an awesome job, adventure and personal growth. 

Maeghan’s journey will continue to inspire us at CRTEFL and our students. 

Want to travel, make money, gain invaluable knowledge, make new memories and friends?!

Listen to what Maeghan says and just “do it.”


By: Lizzy Fenn

Administrative Coordinator, CRTEFL

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