Molly's Journey

Friday Feature: Molly’s Journey!

Meet Molly! Molly is originally from the United Kingdom but moved to Costa Rica because she knew she wanted to make a change in her life and wanted to escape the same “old routine” she was living in the UK. Molly wanted a dramatic change and knew it was upon her. She had heard a number of positive things about Costa Rica from the mouth-watering food, captivating landscapes, beautiful beaches, and the Pura Vida Lifestyle. Follow along as we lay out Molly’s journey here in Costa Rica!

Molly chose CRTEFL because of the positive reviews online and the in-person teaching experience she would gain. She felt that CRTEFL would give her the freedom of working while being able to tick other countries off her bucket list.

Molly graduated from TEFL Costa Rica in December of 2021. She is currently teaching First through to Sixth Grade students in Tehuacan, Mexico!

She is undoubtedly living her best life as a TEFL teacher.

Her TEFL Experience

For Molly, one of the key methodologies she learned during the TEFL course and continues to implement in her classroom is the Communicative Approach. The Communicative Approach helps bring the classroom to life for her students, through real-life themes and roleplays. She feels that not only does this make her classroom more fun and engaging, but also builds the student’s confidence and prepares them for real-life interactions outside of the classroom. She is completely right!

When teaching a new language you must apply it to real-life scenarios to give your students a chance to practice in a safe environment so they can confidently apply it in a real-life situation. Her favorite part of teaching is playing interactive games with the students because she is able to create connections with them and learn more about who they are and the culture they come from. 

Is there a better way to experience a culture than being fully immersed in the local community through teaching? Molly is proving that this is true on a daily basis. Every day she feels more and more at home giving back to the community, pursuing her dreams, and best of all, doing all this in a tropical paradise!

Do you want to change your dreams and make them a reality?

If so, this is your time to sign up for Costa Rica TEFL!

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