Hear from one of our grads. who is teaching EFL in Nosara, a sleepy beach town!

Hola, Hola! How’s everybody doin’?

After TEFL, I left Samara in July and worked for Intercultura in Heredia for about 2 months.  It was a great school, but I just felt it wasn’t a perfect fit. Caitlin found a job here in Nosara, about an hour north of Samara, and nearly begged me to come and work with her.  I was hesitant at first because I had a stable job and the new job involved opening a new school; advertising, marketing, finding students, developing a curriculum, planning lessons with NO materials and an intermittent internet connection.  We did, however, have a copy machine IN the school!  And after a couple weeks we convinced the boss to invest in a few textbooks  🙂
So I’ve been here since September and now have 15 students and 4 private students. I love it here. Super slow pace of life and The ‘thing to do’ is watch the sunset.  That’s it. Plain and simple… and free  🙂 Pura vida. Overall, it’s been an amazing adventure and I have Caitlin to thank for convincing me to take this big risk and do what I love in a beautiful coastal Costa Rican town.  I’m gonna hang on as long as I can!
I hope you all are doing well wherever you are and if you ever make your way back here, come check out this sleepy beach town.  You won’t want to leave either.
Jean Cooper
La Esperanza de Nosara, Guanacaste



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