Nora Teaching and Traveling Abroad

Nora Teaching and Traveling Abroad

A New Teaching Experience

Meet one of our lovely July 2022 graduates, Nora Meyer! Before coming to Costa Rica, Nora graduated from Ohio University and Cleveland State University Majoring in Special Education. She worked as a caregiver helping elderly clients in companionship capacity and assisted them with daily activities. She loved her job and decided to apply to Costa Rica TEFL because she wanted to travel and expand her knowledge in teaching.

After completing her TEFL certification with Costa Rica TEFL in Playa Samara, Nora moved to the beautiful Jaco and is now teaching there. Jaco is located in the Puntarenas Province. It  is a touristic town with amazing beaches and tropical climate. There are also great hiking spots!


Nora’s New Life

Nora works at Las Nubes School, teaching fourth and fifth graders. She teaches them English, math, and science. All of her students are bilingual and very intelligent. When asked to think of a specific moment that has been her favorite during her time teaching, she could not pick one. She said that it is hard to pick a specific moment because she has a great time with her students every day. They always make her laugh and their personalities are wonderful.  

When Nora is not teaching, she is reading a book on the beach and trying one of the many restaurants in Jaco. She has also been meeting other teachers in surrounding schools and other TEFL graduates. On the weekends, she likes to go for a bike ride and go to the beach and enjoy the sunset.    



Since graduating from Costa Rica TEFL, Nora was able to travel to Monteverde and Nicaragua. During her school vacation, She spent a week in Ometepe, Nicaragua and loved it. In the course of her travels, she has learned to trust her instincts and to be more confident with herself. It has opened her up to different people and cultures, growing her overall perspective. Traveling is a wonderful opportunity and she highly recommend for people to do it!


Nora’s Adventures Abroad

Currently, she is unsure of her next step. She is planning to travel some more after the school year, ideally  to different parts of Central America. After that, she will decide where to go from there.

Costa Rica TEFL taught her so much and she continue to use their techniques in her classroom daily. Nora’s  advice to incoming students is to have an open mind and be confident in themselves. The program is a great opportunity to face their fears and grow as a person!


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