Teaching Abroad: Tierney's Adventure

Teaching Abroad: Tierney’s Adventure

Prior to hearing about Costa Rica TEFL I was living in California! I was working long, full days waitressing at night and teaching yoga in the day. I felt stuck and burnt out. At 26, I was still living at home and was finally at a place in my life where I was ready to gain some independence and find my own place. As I pondered different options of what could be next for me, I found myself craving adventure, new experiences, and a major life change. I didn’t know what was next for me but I kept feeling an inner call to travel somewhere. After a bit of research and prayer I ended up deciding to attend a month long yoga training in the jungles of Costa Rica! I signed up, booked a one way ticket, and quit my job with no solid plan of what would be next. Even though I felt a bit nervous of the unknown, I knew without a doubt that it was the right move and trusted that opportunities would present themselves to me!

I ended up finding an ad for Costa Rica TEFL on Facebook. In bold letters it said “ Teach English Abroad in Costa Rica!”. It felt like a Godsend!! It was a perfect opportunity for work after finishing my yoga training and every review I read inspired me in so many ways! They provided me with transportation and housing accommodations so it made everything so simple for me! It was a no brainer!

Teacher Tierney showing off her grammar for one of her TEFL lessons!

Tierney’s TEFL Course

During my TEFL course I had a blast and created so many amazing friends and memories. I had no idea how much knowledge I would gain in teaching styles, lesson planning, and organization. The teachers made learning fun and gave us everything we needed to step into teaching with confidence and clarity.

Some of my favorite parts of the training were getting to practice teach and create lesson plans. I also loved our classrooms where we got trained in such unique and interactive ways. The teacher trainers were amazing, caring, and so helpful!

Tierney with her TEFL certificate!

Life After TEFL

Since getting TEFL certified I have been living in beautiful Samara beach and working online teaching students all over the world! I have also recently started teaching private lessons for locals and staff members at a hotel down the street from where I live! It is so nice to make my own schedule and I’m only a 10 minute walk to the beach!

Tierney and her students from one of the local hotels!

Tierney’s Adventures Around Costa Rica

I’ve been living and working in Sámara for about 5 months now and plan to stay here for a full year. After that I may decide to travel somewhere else or just venture out to a different part of Costa Rica! I was able to go to La Fortuna and do an amazing trip of zip lining, horseback riding, and rappelling a giant waterfall! I also got to hike Volcano Arenal and visit the hot springs! It was such a beautiful and fun adventure!

My plan is to continue traveling, teaching English & yoga, and creating more experiences and memories! Moving to Costa Rica and taking the leap was the best choice I ever made! I have created so many amazing friendships and experiences and it’s just the beginning!

By: Tierney Lumary

TEFL Graduate, February 2023

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