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Teaching in Tamarindo

Meet August graduate 24 year old Helen Smith from Pittsburg PA! Last month she completed TEFL certificate, and now she is teaching Math and English to 4th, 5th, and 6th graders at a bi-lingual school Tamarindo. She also has a homeroom class and teaches the elective Braiding with Helen.


On "Why Costa Rica TEFL?" Helen explains...

“I chose to become TEFL certified because while in college I went on a few mission trips and discovered my passion for traveling, as well as teaching.” Furthermore, she says, “I knew I wanted to take the course in a Spanish-speaking country, because I want to learn Spanish and become bi-lingual.”

What did Costa Rica TEFL Teach You?

Most importantly, Helen learned that you have to be flexible as a teacher. She says, “Sometimes I plan a lesson and my students just don’t want to do it – they want to play games. So, I incorporate what I want to teach them into a game. Ultimately any way to try to get them motivated and engaged and active is what I try to do.”

Additionally, Helen learned about herself as a person through the course. “I learned that I can work with a lot of people,” she explains. “Originally I came here to work with children. I took my course and I was teaching mostly adults and I fell in love with it.” Although she still does have an affinity for working with children, she says. “Right now I’m teaching 4th, 5th, and 6th, and I really enjoy it. I’m falling in love with my students, and everything is going really well.”

Best Moments at Costa Rica TEFL

On her best moments at TEFL Helen says “After teaching a class, having students come up to you and saying ‘You did a really good job teacher, I loved the lesson, you’re doing really great, excellent class teacher.’ They come up and give you a hug…whatever they come up to you and say it just makes you feel really good.” 

In addition to connecting with the EFL students, Helen speaks highly of CR TEFL’s location. She states, “I loved the location. Costa Rica TEFL is located in Playa Samara, and where I stayed I was 5 minutes from the beach. I could walk to class, it was maybe 5 minutes. I could walk to the grocery store and to the bank. Everyone was very friendly, I made a lot of friends. I started to feel like I was famous! Everybody knew me and waved to me. It was just a really good feeling. I really do miss Playa Samara and everyone who I met while at the course.”

Parting Advice

“For anyone thinking about joining Costa Rica TEFL, I would say go do it! I feel like you have nothing to loose and more to gain. Going to Costa Rica TEFL, I gained lifelong friends from all over the world that I can one day go visit. I gained a lot of experience, I have so many memories and I met so many people. I don’t know if I’m going back home because I love it here in Costa Rica! The people are amazing and I would just say go do it, get certified…who knows, maybe you could become a teacher, like me :)”

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