Technology in Teaching

Technology in Teaching

Teaching online has been part of the EFL classrooms worldwide since March 2020. While it may not be everyone’s first choice, one of the greatest benefits of being an online teacher is that you can do it from ANYWHERE! Some of our graduates decide to take their teaching elsewhere, but Playa Samara’s incredible magnetic energy keeps many here for weeks, months, or even years after graduation! 


One of our June 2021 graduates, Nicole,  is a lovely example of a teacher who came here looking to explore a passion while traveling at the same time, and after 4 short weeks of getting TEFL certified, is currently teaching online for a local school here in Playa Samara! She left our course placed in a job, and has been working with her school for 2 months already!


She says, “Ever since I first heard about the possibility of traveling to and teaching in different countries, I knew it was something that I’d love to do. Becoming TEFL certified definitely opens up many opportunities overseas and is a great way to pursue longer term travel.” If you are looking to live in paradise long-term with a rewarding career, take Nicole’s advice in getting TEFL certified, because she is now only at the start of her Pura Vida.

Why Costa Rica TEFL?

Nicole chose Costa Rica TEFL to get certified because once she starting speaking to us here, she “immediately got great vibes from everyone. And once I [she] googled the location in Playa Samara, I [she] was even more ready to sign up!” Fortunately for our TEFL staff, students and trainees, we are located a 5 minute walk from the beach! On your lunch break, you can go to the beach! On the weekends, go to the beach! Bored? A la playa! Samara beach is very family friendly and versatile: you can take a day to relax, hang out with friends, surf, kayak, have a drink, paddle board, and so much more! 


Enough of our beach rant, back to TEFL! Like many students that complete our course, Nicole says that one of the biggest things she has learned here is to have more patience with herself. We’re sure that’s a combination of TEFL and the Pura Vida in general helping Nicole to learn to breathe and be present. One incredible thing we see in many of our graduates is that Costa Rica teaches them to be more patient with themselves, their students, and each other. 

Nicole’s Experience

Overall, Nicole describes her experience as amazing. She was able to find lifelong friends out of her group, referring to them as a “little family.” How sweet! She enjoyed seeing herself learn and grow of course, but watching everyone else do the same is a very heartwarming feeling.

If you are a potential student thinking about becoming TEFL certified, Nicole recommends that you “don’t think about it too much.. just do it! It’s such an amazing experience that doesn’t just end after the month program.” Nicole defines a great teacher as someone who has the ability and willingness to never stop learning, remaining curious and encouraging knowledge. If this sounds like you, we say, come! Get TEFL certified in our paradise, Playa Sámara, Costa Rica. 

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