TEFL Teaching Around the World

TEFL-ing Across the Globe

When was the last time you flew across the globe for a new opportunity? This is no everyday thing for people around the world, but as a TEFL teacher, you’re free to go where you please, when you please! 

Take it from Brooke Williams, a Maori New Zealander living in Australia, who traveled from Australia all the way to Costa Rica to get TEFL certified with us at Costa Rica TEFL! Brooke had completely taken advantage of the services offered at CRTEFL and is now teaching 5th-grade Elementary students in Costa Rica

Brooke’s original reason for becoming TEFL certified was because he was on a search for more professional development opportunities. As a teacher, a 160-hour in-person TEFL certificate on your resume is an important component to being able to teach English internationally. 

Like Brooke, you have the opportunity to teach from your home or in person- 100% a WIN. You can spend your mornings and weekends relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in one hand and some delicious ceviche in the other- another WIN. You can live in your own version of paradise while enjoying a meaningful career- WIN!! Why wouldn’t you get TEFL certified at Costa Rica? It’s a Win-Win-WIN. Brooke chose to get TEFL certified with us specifically because our program location stood out to him as an exciting place to learn and teach. Considering that he’s decided to jumpstart his teaching career here after relocating from New Zealand, not only is Brooke living the life of a WINNER, but Costa Rica definitely lived up to it’s expectations!


Brooke’s TEFL Experience

While at CRTEFL, Brooke was able to discover his passion and natural talent for teaching. While he understands it isn’t an easy job to do, Brooke knows that he is capable of teaching and loves doing so. One of the best experiences he’s had while at Costa Rica TEFL was teaching his own lesson plan and having an amazing last class with the Tico students. One of the best experiences we’ve had was watching him work his magic and putting his very best into his classes!

Overall, Brooke encourages future prospective teachers not to hesitate and to get TEFL Certified in Costa Rica with Costa Rica TEFL! He finishes off his interview with: “Thank you to the awesome staff at TEFL Costa Rica! I’ll be forever grateful to you all for everything you taught me and the awesome memories we made.” Brooke, it was a pleasure to work with you and we here are all so proud of your incredible work ethic and all you’ve started doing with your TEFL Certificate! 

If you’re thinking about getting TEFL Certified, don’t forget to shoot us an email at: info@costaricatefl.com. We are looking forward to meeting you soon! 

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