Top 5 things to do in Sámara!

Top 5 things to do in Sámara!

POV: It’s Saturday, you have just arrived in Sámara, your Costa Rica TEFL course starts on Monday. You are wondering what there is to do in Sámara… Look no further! Here are the top 5 things to do in Sámara, Costa Rica (well, other than getting your TEFL certification)!

1. Take a trip to Belen Waterfall!

Belen waterfall is located just outside of Sámara (15 minute drive by taxi or shuttle). Its picture perfect beauty is perfect for your next Instagram post or to get your sense of adventure pumping. You can float above or below the falls or if you are feeling adventurous, you can jump off the top of the waterfall (yes, it is deep enough but do this at your own risk)! Then once you have tired yourself out, you can relax on the rocks, have a snack, and enjoy the calming sounds of the waterfall. 

Belen waterfall at the start of the dry season!

2. Relax on the beach!

Sámara beach has so much to offer, whether you want to relax and have food and drinks brought to you at Locanda, or you want to take surf lessons, there is something for everyone! There are many beach bars and restaurants for you to choose from with a variety of different cuisines. If you want to learn to surf, there are many different surf schools across the entire length of the beach! In addition, if you come down to the beach at night, you are likely to find a bonfire somewhere on the beach where you can join in on the fun and meet new people! Not to mention, the sunsets on the beach are incredible! There are also plenty of other beaches in the area that offer different views, such as Playa Carrillo, Playa Izquierda, Buena Vista, and more!

Some TEFL grads enjoying sunset at Sámara beach!

3. Go dolphin and whale watching!

There are different tour companies that will take you out on a boat ride to look for dolphins, whales, turtles, and other marine creatures that you cannot see from the shore. First you will cruise around the open ocean seeing seasonal aquatic animals. After the boat ride, they will bring you back into the bay so that you can snorkel, enjoy the views, and some companies even have a big slide off of the boat that you can ride into the ocean! After you have finished snorkeling, there are snacks and drinks (yes, even beer) waiting for you on the boat. Who wouldn’t want to spend their day like this?!

A sea turtle seen on one of the boat tours here in Sámara!


4. Zip line through the jungle!

Next, if you are the thrill seeking type, this adventure is for you! Spend your morning gliding through the jungle in Sámara, taking in the views, and seeing different types of wildlife! WingNuts Canopy tours offer a variety of different packages for different levels of adventure, some of them even include repelling upside down! This is a great way to fill up your adventure meter or to help you overcome your fear of heights! Halfway through your adventure, you will stop to have a snack of seasonal fruits and water before you continue on your tour! 

5. Visit our local farmer’s market!

Finally, every Saturday morning and Thursday night, the local farmer’s market is crawling with locals, tourists, and restaurant owners looking to buy local produce, meat/fish, jewelry, coffee, clothing and more! There is something for everyone at the Sámara farmer’s market! Local merchants sell homemade food and jewelry and local farmers showcase and sell their seasonal fruit and vegetables. Browsing around the market is a great way to start your day relaxing, while also getting your food for the week (it is definitely cheaper than buying produce from the grocery stores, and you support the locals)!

Some fresh pineapple at the farmer’s market!

There are countless things to do here, but these are just our top 5 things to do in Sámara! 

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By: Lizzy Fenn

Administrative Coordinator, CRTEFL

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