5 Ways to Live in Costa Rica on a Budget

Have you always dreamed of moving to a foreign paradise and leaving your old life behind, but worry about money? Don’t worry! Read on for 5 ways you can live in Costa Rica on a budget.

Teaching in Costa Rica’s Central Valley: Graduate Feature

After living in Heredia for a period in college, December 2017 Costa Rica TEFL graduate Satonya McNeal knew she wanted to come back to Costa Rica. When she discovered and applied for Costa Rica TEFL, she found a way back to a country she loved and took some big steps down a path of self-discovery.

Bailee and Payne

Finding a TEFL Home in Hong Kong: Graduate Feature

Bailee Schrack and Payne Roberts met in September 2017 when they found themselves in Sámara completing their Costa Rica TEFL certificates. Unbeknownst to them, their arrival in Sámara would be the start of an adventurous life of teaching and traveling together.

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Tips for Livening Up Your Classroom on a Budget

Teaching abroad with your TEFL certificate can sometimes mean landing a job in a school that has eager students but few resources. Here are a few things you can do for your classroom even if your school has a limited budget.

Came for TEFL, Left in Love: Graduate Feature

Tim and Amanda’s adventures began when they decided to take a risk and apply for Costa Rica TEFL. Little did they know that they’d find each other and fall into such an exciting, adventurous life together.