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TEFL Job Placement Assistance


We will assist you throughout your entire TEFL career.  We begin our job placement assistance week 2 of the course. We will assist you in making a teaching resume as well as begin to discuss your future job interests and set up interviews. We will get you up to the interview process then it is your responsibility to secure the teaching position during or after the interview. We have been fortunate to have a very high placement rate and have a great professional relationship with many of the local school Directors.

The majority of the job positions available in Costa Rica are in the central valley but we do have some graduates working in coastal and more remote towns.  We work with a number of well-established language institutes and international schools that look forward to working with our TEFL trainees as we have a reputation for having the most prepared graduates. We suggest the following steps to our trainees when searching for a TEFL job:

1)      Identify the areas you would like to work in, be open to working in the central valley where the majority of the jobs are.

2)      Contact potential employers (schools of interest) and copy us on the email. Send them your resume and a SHORT email.

3)      Make the suggested changes to your resume as soon as possible. We will send your resume to potential employers as well and notify you of any updates.

4)      Let us know your availability date. Some of you will want to begin working right away, others may wait. This process can take from one week to one month or longer depending on where and when you want to work.

5)      Accept interviews as soon as possible. Get a feel for the way schools are run here and a feel for your options. Many schools now conduct SKYPE interviews which, can be done here at school.

6)      If you want to work outside CR you will need to email us contact information for the schools of interest and we will send them a reference on your behalf. We will also give you leads and put you in touch with graduates that are working in that country (if available) and follow up to make sure you have been placed.

7)      Contact our graduates (we will put you in touch) who are currently working in Costa Rica and around the globe to get some first-hand insight on the country and/or school of interest.

Check out our TEFL BLOG for more graduate stories,

Contact us for the emails of local .school directors and our graduates to get in touch with them before or during your TEFL course. 

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Volunteer Opportunities

Costa Rica has many volunteer opportunities! We have had several of our students go on to participate in and really enjoy some of the following volunteer teaching positions:


San Isidro Learning Center – SILC Brochure

Rancho Margot

Finca Exotica

Sarapiquí Conservation Learning Center


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