Chris Returns Home to Teach English in the U.S. After TEFL

Chris Returns Home to Teach English in the U.S. After TEFL

Life presents different opportunities to everyone. Sometimes it takes perseverance and a leap of faith before you can see the true possibility of great change in your life. Costa Rica TEFL welcomes trainees from everywhere around the world, and the program touches each person’s life individually in a special way. For Chris Dautruche,  a personable guy from Norwalk, Connecticut, Costa Rica TEFL turned out to be the very addition to his life that he was searching for. Following the completion of TEFL, Chris went back to his home to teach English in the U.S. With his new certification he continues to explore his passions inside and outside the classroom. Go Chris!

How Did Costa Rica TEFL Change Chris?

He describes himself as one with confidence, and this is something that helped him throughout his journey to getting TEFL certified. Something Chris found rewarding about the program was the connection with the locals he had the chance to teach. Chris was searching for an enlightening experience, but TEFL ended up sparking a huge positive change in his life well.

Chris and some of the Beginner Three Tico Students!

TEFL became a supportive hub of learning and growth for Chris. He noticed that with his newfound skills and certification, the possibilities were truly endless. Originally, Chris came to Costa Rica with an open mind, and he left with great opportunities as an English teacher.

Chris Teaching the Kids Class at Costa Rica TEFL

What Else Did Chris Gain at Costa Rica TEFL Besides the Chance to Teach English in the U.S.?

Along with a lifetime certification to teach English anywhere in the world, Costa Rica TEFL also offers the strong  potential to create lifelong relationships with like-minded individuals who also want to change the trajectory of their life with learning. Take Chris for example, who describes joining Costa Rica TEFL similar to becoming  part of a family. We love to hear this, because Costa Rica TEFL really is one big family. We believe in supporting one another and uplifting one another. Our TEFL family wants to see each other succeed.

What Did Chris Experience While in Playa Samara?

When Chris wasn’t in class learning how to become a boss English teacher, he recalls living stress free on the beach. He would sometimes visit local restaurants and neighboring towns including Nosara. Chris’ days in Samara consisted of strolling around the town keeping an eye open for the Pipa Fria Man in hopes of getting a nice refreshing coconut water before class. Yum!

Chris Begins to Teach English in the U.S. as a Certified English Teacher

Upon completing his 30 day TEFL certification in Samara, Chris found himself landing an inspiring gig at UCEDA Institute in the U.S. where he teaches English all while creating connections with his students in a fun, and creative learning environment. Describing this opportunity to be the perfect start to his teaching career, Chris found the freedom to be himself and practice a style of teaching that is engaging and all-around beneficial to language learning. Do you see yourself changing your life like Chris did?

Chris Teaching at UCEDA Institute.

Becoming TEFL certified makes opportunities you never even considered available to you, open up! Feeling like taking the next step in your life and teaching English in Paradise? Don’t wait! Take charge and take the next step by getting TEFL certified today. New things and new opportunities are out there waiting for you!

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By: Emily Abono                                                                                                                                                                                                   Administrative Coordinator CRTEFL

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