Friday Feature: Laura's Need For Change

Friday Feature: Laura’s Need For Change

Laura was bored of her office job and knew that it was time for a change. She’s passionate about traveling, so she researched how she could travel and work at the same time. She found that the answer to her need for change was Costa Rica TEFL.

Why Costa Rica TEFL?

For Laura, Central America is the ideal home base because it’s affordable and easy to travel throughout the Americas. She decided to settle in Costa Rica because she heard great things about the Costa Rica TEFL program and loves the beautiful weather. 

Laura is a 24 year old from Australia and completed the program in May 2023 alongside her boyfriend, Jack. She had zero prior teaching experience but started a job immediately after graduating and has been there since. Being by the beach is a huge motivator, so Laura and Jack landed a job in a beach town: Jacó, Costa Rica.

What did Laura get out of her TEFL course?

The biggest thing that Laura got out of her time at Costa Rica TEFL and teaching is learning how to be patient. She feels as if she gained huge personal growth. There are many learned skills that she uses now in her classroom, such as patience, cognates and gestures. Her favorite part about teaching is how rewarding it is. It’s fulfilling to notice student learning and how they apply it later on. 

What is life like for Laura in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has provided Laura with plenty of amazing experiences. Her favorite parts of the country are the welcoming people, the laid back lifestyle, the weather and the beaches. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with the other teachers at the school, going to the beach and traveling Central America. She recently went to Guatemala with her boyfriend and another teacher at her school, who also completed the TEFL course at Costa Rica TEFL. They walked the beautiful streets of Antigua, traveled across Lake Atitlan and climbed an active volcano where they roasted marshmallows. 

What is the typical teaching day for Laura?

Laura works Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm. She teaches English, mathematics and science to 3rd and 4th graders. Some days she teaches eleven classes and some days she only teaches four. Everyday is different but she loves the adventure and flexibility. 

What advice can Laura give? 

Her simple advice to anyone who is thinking about applying for Costa Rica TEFL, do it! The biggest advantage is that you can work from anywhere in the world. For new teachers in Costa Rica, Laura says to be open-minded and flexible. It’s important to remember that it’s OK if things don’t always go exactly as you plan, because they won’t!

Laura, Jack and Shane (all CRTEFL graduates) celebrating Costa Rica’s Independence Day with the community of the school that they work for

Do you feel a need for change like Laura? Are you ready to travel the world like Laura? Maybe it’s time to listen to her advice and do it!

Send an email at for more information or for an application form!

By: Alexis Lattin

Administrative Coordinator CRTEFL

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