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Joe: A Bucket List Checked

Meet Joe. 

Joe is 23 and from the UK. He is currently living in the beautiful town of Sámara, Costa Rica less than a five-minute walk from the school where he was certified to teach English. Whilst enjoying all Playa Sámara has to offer, he also teaches online with a service called Cambly.

Joe at graduation from University.

Before TEFL, Joe was a student at Coventry University, and he had been living a “habdash” lifestyle. Unable to settle on anything, he spent two years at university doing his Psychology and Criminology degree. Moved to Germany for a year to study German and Law, then returned to University in England to finally graduate. He spent time as security for sporting events and a brief summer as a junior web developer. Then he worked as a waiter to raise money for his upcoming trip to Costa Rica. 

Joe’s TEFL family in Costa Rica.

From his degree to being a waiter, none of this gave Joe much experience in the way of teaching, so why Costa Rica TEFL? 

The idea to do TEFL was a whim, at first. Joe had spent a year of his time at university living in Germany, fulfilling a lifelong dream of his and it had been a truly wonderful experience. 

“When I got back, it was hard to readjust to the everyday monotony of life that comes with finishing your last year of uni.” 

It was after finishing that Joe was faced with the question, what next? Options seemed limited, he had done his degree with thoughts and ideas for careers but no concrete plans. The only tangible goals Joe has ever really had, outside of living in Germany, is to live in Russia (don’t ask us why) and to become an author. It wasn’t long after finishing his degree that Joe came across the idea of TEFL. He loved the idea of following up his time in Germany with more travelling. It ticked every box he needed. 

Travelling. Check. 

A ticket to Russia. Check. 

Experiences that would improve the depth of his writing. Check. 

And, forever the extrovert, lots of new people to meet. Check.

Guys night!

 It wasn’t long after Joe had settled on his next move that he began his arrangements. 

 “Someone once said to me, “how do you know you’re not the best violin player in the world?” Confused, I said I’d never played the violin and they said “exactly, and until you do, you won’t know whether you’re good at it.” That stuck with me. I thought to myself that teaching might be my violin and decided to give it a go.”

Joe’s nonhuman best friend in Sámara.

Joe describes his experience at Costa Rica TEFL as one of the most life-changing experiences he has ever had. “Granted I was only 22, but to say that I met some of the best people life has to offer is an understatement. There was not a single thing I would change about my TEFL experience and I have absolutely no regrets about choosing this path.” Before, Joe didn’t know that he loved teaching. Now he knows. And with his TEFL certificate, he’s never been more equipped to live his life the way he’s always wanted than ever before. 

“I came here to learn how to teach, and learned that teaching is where I belong” 

Joe taking a leap of faith!
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