Start a new career as a certified English Teacher!

Start a new career as a certified English teacher!


Cami starts a new career as a certified English teacher

Costa Rica TEFL has become the destination for many amazing aspiring teachers, one graduate in specific named Camille or better known as Cami, chose to get TEFL certified in Costa Rica and it has changed her life in many ways. Costa Rica TEFL was lucky to receive someone like Cami for many reasons. Her bright smile, intelligent and gentle spirit are what makes her an inspiring person and English teacher. Despite any challenges that life throws at her, Cami faces them with perseverance and determination. This is exactly what Cami did when she chose to do Costa Rica TEFL, and she has a lot to say about why someone should take the step in changing their life and learning new skills that help others.

Cami at Costa Rica TEFL in the butterfly classroom!

Where was Cami before she decided to become a certified English teacher?

Prior to embarking on her TEFL certification journey, Camille was working as a Safety Engineer for a little over four years. She was working long days in her safety engineering position and she envisioned making a change in her life and trying something new. Education was always a huge priority to Cami. She did her undergraduate at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and obtained a degree in Applied Engineering Technology. She then went on to get her Masters from West Virginia University for Safety Management. After some time working as a safety engineer, Cami was eager to switch up the course of her life and her career by getting certified to teach English in Playa, Samara Costa Rica. 


 Why did Cami decide on Costa Rica TEFL?

After deciding she wanted to become a certified English teacher, Cami started doing research on different schools. After much thought Cami decided on Costa Rica TEFL expressing, “The major reasons I chose Costa Rica TEFL were because I felt like I connected with the mission statement, observed (reviews and videos) and saw that TEFL trainees had sufficient assistance both during and after the program, and plus the small town location was perfect for me”. Cami also shared that she has a love for travel and this was another big reason why she ended up coming all the way from the United States to Costa Rica. When we asked Cami, “Why did you choose to travel abroad to Costa Rica?” she provided, “I chose to travel abroad to Costa Rica for several reasons. There is no experience such as going to Costa Rica. The nation is renowned for its breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes, which include valleys, beaches, and rainforests. I thought this was interesting even though I had not had the chance to visit every location yet. In addition, Costa Rica is a pioneer in ecotourism, which makes it the ideal location for anyone looking for an ethical and ecological vacation. I’ve read before about the friendly and hospitable culture of the people, called “Ticos,” who are always delighted to show travelers about their nation and wanted to experience this for myself”. To Cami, Playa Samara meant the possibility of something new and exciting. Not only did Cami like the idea of living right on the beach, but she knew that Costa Rica TEFL would help her open up doors to possibilities she never before imagined.

Cami teaching the kids through games and interactive activities!

What did Cami learn when she was taking her course at Costa Rica TEFL?

Before becoming a trainee at Costa Rica TEFL, Cami had no prior experience formally teaching. She did tell us that she enjoyed volunteering as a tutor with adolescents in math, language arts, science, and social studies for a local church. In addition, Cami mentioned that she also mentored peers during her undergraduate studies. Cami clearly always had a natural intrinsic motivation to help people, and that is one of the reasons why she thrived at CR TEFL. During her course Cami worked with both kids and adults and she enjoyed getting to be creative and adaptable with her lesson plans. When we asked Cami what was one important thing she learned during her time at Costa Rica TEFL, she answered, “I discovered that as a teacher, patience and flexibility are crucial. Even though you may believe that you have created the ideal lesson plan, I learned to be even more adaptable because things do not always go as expected. I’ve become a better teacher and person as a result of this training. In my personal life away from teaching, the lessons I’ve gained in class have enriched me in many areas. Today, I am a better sister, daughter, aunt, and more”. During her interview, Cami noted that she had a hard time being patient before she came to TEFL, but she learned so much about herself and about slowing down while she was here in Costa Rica. The pura vida lifestyle and teaching practices at TEFL introduced a new sense of self and confidence in Cami as she quickly understood the importance of the skills she was learning as an English Teacher. 

Cami with some EFL students after class.

Cami’s Life as an English Teacher and her future plans

Since graduating from her course in December 2023, Cami stays busy teaching online. Cami describes, “A teaching day varies for me since I mainly teach online. A teaching day for me may start at 10:30 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. My teaching days are generally more relaxed since I use my time and days leading up to them to effectively plan and prepare, which allows for greater flexibility and relaxation on my teaching days. I currently teach anywhere between 4 and 5 days out of the week”. Cami has been living the Pura Vida in Costa Rica for a few months now, and she, like so many others, has fallen in love with everything the beautiful country has to offer. Cami shared, “My biggest surprise when I came to Costa Rica was honestly just how stunning and beautiful the country really is and especially the Guanacaste Province and Nicoya Peninsula. I previously read and did research about “Blue Zones” and definitely blissfully understand from first hand experience now why this particular part of the region retains this title of characteristics”. After spending the last few months in different parts of Costa Rica, Cami has taken a new job opportunity in the United States that she will begin promptly. Cami shared with us her intense love for teaching, and also disclosed that she would be continuing her regular classes with her students online while also pursuing the new job opportunity in the States! Despite her returning to the US, Cami shared with us that she would be back in Costa Rica soon enough.


Some Advice for Aspiring English Teachers

Cami is the definition of a hard worker who knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to go for it. She overcame adversities and never gave up throughout the course of her rigorous education, travel experiences, and TEFL certification course. Cami discovered another passion that she had while learning to Teach English at Costa Rica TEFL, and she shares some advice to anyone who is interested in getting certified: “My new advice for teachers in CR is to embrace the culture, embrace the people, embrace diversity and be open to trying new things. Make it a point to not only teach, but learn from your students”. This is some great advice for teachers as they make their way to Costa Rica to get certified to teach English. 

We are very proud to declare Cami one of our amazing graduates, and we know she will continue to inspire others in her upcoming ventures. 


If you are looking for a new opportunity that can change your life while also making the world a better place like Cami did, Costa Rica TEFL might just be the place for you! Every month we welcome trainees from different parts of the world that all have a passion for learning and teaching others English. If you can see yourself living in paradise and making a difference in others’ lives, email us today at


By: Emily Abono

Administrative Coordinator CRTEFL

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