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From the concrete jungle to Costa Rica

Lucile was previously a professional dancer in New York City after being introduced to the art in her native country of France. She came to Costa Rica because she needed a transition from the hectic lifestyle that the city had to offer. She decided to travel to countries with a Latin culture and her first stop was Costa Rica. There she fell in love with the people, culture, and environment. Upon her travels in Costa Rica, she bumped into an American teacher from the United States who recommended that Lucile look up Costa Rica TEFL.


‘I did my research and said here we go let’s try this. I loved each day of Costa Rica TEFL because everyday I was able to learn something new. I enjoyed the experience of coming into class and learning from the teacher trainers as well as being able to teach and to have Costa Rican students learn from me. It was right for me.’


Throughout the TEFL course Lucile felt fulfilled and knew it was the right choice for her. After the course ended, she decided to stay in Samara for a month and find a job. She now teaches at the local French school, offers yoga classes, and lives in a small house by the ocean. She loves the quality of life in Samara and has become infatuated with the town’s less superficial social structure.


‘I feel at home here— life feels simpler, and this quality of living is just what I need. It is not superficial here. I feel like I reconnected with my former self—with the life that I had before New York City. I am enjoying my life and I hope to continue going in this direction. I am so thankful to Costa Rica TEFL because it brought me stability and confidence, and it allowed me interactions with beautiful people. I feel accomplished and I love going to work, preparing my classes, teaching my students, and giving it the best effort that I can.’

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