4 Reasons To Get TEFL Certified In-Person Rather Than Online

4 Reasons To Get TEFL Certified In-Person Rather Than Online

One may ask: ‘What’s the difference between an online TEFL certification course and an in-person TEFL certification course’ or ‘Why should I spend more money to get TEFL certified in-person rather than online for cheaper?’ These are great questions that have four simple answers.

An in-person TEFL course provides:

1. Real-Life Practice in the Classroom

First off, a typical online TEFL course includes 120 hours of training whereas Costa Rica TEFL provides 160 hours of training and actual observed teaching practice. At Costa Rica TEFL, trainees receive the opportunity to teach 10-20 hours of TEFL to local students while TEFL experts observe and evaluate them. Many employers want to see that a teacher has in-person observed teaching practice. This is also beneficial because trainees are able to receive feedback and improve their teaching performance and skills for future classes and jobs.

Real-life practice means trainees are engaging with local students and immersed in the local community. Those who want to use their TEFL certificate to travel and live abroad can engage and immerse themselves with the locals. This is a huge part of the experience and process of becoming a TEFL teacher.  Trainees with Costa Rica TEFL teach in person adult classes, children’s classes and are additionally trained to teach online. This involves creating and delivering online classes via ZOOM to local students while being observed and receiving follow up feedback.

2. Experience Living Abroad or Adjusting to Life Abroad

Let’s say you complete your online TEFL certification, but now what? It may be difficult to take the step to get up and move across the world to teach in a foreign country.  Getting TEFL certified in-person in a foreign country gives you the chance to gradually adjust and transition smoothly into country and cultural differences. Also, it may be the area where you may decide to live and teach. While at Costa Rica TEFL, you also receive free Spanish classes to improve your Spanish skills and experience the language classroom from all angles. 

As mentioned above, you are also able to connect with and teach local students and get a feel for the local culture. Costa Rica TEFL provides assistance with transportation from the airport, housing accommodations and guidance around town and the country. This aids to your adjustment to life abroad and the necessary steps towards achieving success and comfort. It’s comforting to have support from a school when traveling a foreign country. 

3. The Ability to Make Connections for Jobs

Costa Rica TEFL provides lifetime job assistance after completing the course. This does not mean that you have to stay in Costa Rica, although it’s a wonderful and beautiful place to live and teach. You can go almost anywhere in the world with your certification from Costa Rica TEFL and its lifetime job assistance.

At Costa Rica TEFL, the job placement process begins in the second week. You receive help with converting your resume into a teaching resume, go over school options in CR and practice the interview process. You also meet with the director to go over where you would like to work so your resume can be sent out immediately. The director will help you set up interviews or assist you in completing your online profiles if you decide to teach virtually. Virtual information sessions with local schools occur throughout the course to understand expectations and what the school has to offer. Being in a community where locals and schools seek English teachers adds to the benefits because you can meet those who are hiring or looking for a private tutor. 

4. Make Lifelong Friends 

Going abroad alone can be scary and intimidating, therefore meeting people and making friends can help you with the process and ease worry. An in-person TEFL school allows you to meet and connect with other trainees and locals. Oftentimes trainees go abroad to get TEFL certified without knowing anyone in the area, but then they get to meet others in the same situation. You are able to make friends with people around the world, experience activities together and even travel together! These friendships often last a lifetime because you are going through the same journey, you have similar career and life goals, and you connect with new cultures. At Costa Rica TEFL, the formation of many wonderful friendships have been witnessed.

It’s true that cost could be a major factor in the decision of completing a TEFL course in-person or online. What should be considered are the amenities and benefits that come with paying a bit more for an in-person course. For example, Costa Rica TEFL includes many benefits in their course fee. These include a TEFL textbook, the use of all classroom materials for teaching during the course, free weekly Spanish and yoga lessons, housing placement assistance, lifetime job placement assistance, and the use of facilities and WI-FI. Not only that, Costa Rica TEFL provides 160 hours of training, as well as 10-20 hours of observed teaching practice which is typically not included in an online TEFL certification course.

Even if you decide not to stay in the country where you complete a TEFL certification course or are undecided where you want to end up, the 4-week course is a good place to start. You can begin the research process, place yourself into a real TEFL classroom, fully understand what it’s like living in a foreign country according to lifestyle and quality of living rather than what the internet tells you, and seek potential job opportunities. 

What’s next?

Now that you have read over our 4 reasons to get TEFL certified in person rather than online, what’s stopping you from that certification and experience of a lifetime? Sign up for Costa Rica TEFL now to get your journey started!

Send us an email at info@costaricatefl.com for more information or for an application form!

By: Alexis Lattin

Administrative Coordinator CRTEFL

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